The most affordable printers among professional office devices

KYOCERA Document Solutions, a Japanese manufacturer of printing equipment and software, has entered the budget printing market. KYOCERA printers and MFPs have always been associated with professional high-speed machines with advanced functionality, but now small offices and even home users will be able to get acquainted with “durability” technologies.

Background: Among the devices of the lowest price segment, KYOCERA has very competitive prices (from 2,700 rubles per printer) and at the same time a professional filling with high-capacity toner. Such a product was conceived as an advertising one when entering a new budget market. Therefore, the price-quality ratio is ideal in this line. This line has already passed endurance testing. Excellent results are confirmed by international and Russian test laboratories.

Line: FS-1125MFP, FS-1120MFP, FS-1025MFP, FS-1020MFP, FS-1060DN, FS-1040.
What is the durability?
For over 50 years, KYOCERA has been specializing in the production of durable components from highly durable materials. KYOCERA amorphous-silicon drums are the strongest construction, the second strongest after diamond. Such a drum can not be compared with the plastic coating of the drum, which is 50, or even 60 times inferior in strength to amorphous-silicon. Hence the durability. The drums for the KYOCERA budget line are designed for 100,000 prints. Too much or not you decide!

Useful Functions
The budget line features 2 printers and 4 MFPs. Print speed from 20 to 25 pages.
Various modifications are available: printer, 3 in 1 (print, copy, scan), 4 in 1 (print, copy, scan, fax); network models; with automatic duplex and automatic feeder for scanning.

The useful function “ID copying” allows you to copy up to 4 pages on 1 sheet (necessary for HR departments, since they copy passports and work books).

Print Box is another feature that allows multiple users to work comfortably at the same time and not mix tasks.
Automatic duplex is indispensable for those who are required by the regulations to print 2-sided documents. And for those who just want to save, duplex will reduce paper costs. You do not have to turn over the documents to print on both sides, the printer will automatically print itself.

By the way, for those who are thinking about saving paper costs, the KYOCERA devices have the function of a booklet and layout up to 25 pages on 1 sheet. Therefore, if the resolution of your screen does not allow you to comfortably read presentations and other information materials from the monitor, then you can print such information in the form of a small brochure A5. Very convenient and low paper consumption. Well, if you turn on the ECO mode (which, although it will reduce the speed of the device), you can save on toner consumption.

The automatic feeder is a very useful feature for conveniently scanning documents up to 40 pages. You do not have to lift the scanner cover every time if you want to scan many pages of a document. It is enough to put the originals in the ADF and press the button, the machine itself will do everything without raising the cover 40 times.

There are programmable buttons to remember the most common manipulations and perform them in one click. So you can program up to 3 algorithms.

Utilities for administrators are very convenient: they allow you to monitor the consumption of toner, paper and make settings.

What is the saving?
The saving consists in the fact that with a high resource (drum per 100,000) and the capacity of consumables (toner from 2,500 to 3,000 pages), as well as the price of the machine itself (price for a printer from 2,700 rubles), the cost of the print is the most attractive .
Very simple arithmetic will allow you to calculate the price per print and compare it with similar models to see for yourself what the savings are.

How complicated is this professional device?
This parameter is especially well described by the international Buyers Laboratory (BLI) when testing printers and MFPs of this line. Ease of use and ease of network connectivity were rated “Very good”.

The convenient control panel can be called intuitive: there are no extra buttons, everything is written in Russian, a convenient 2-line display with prompts.

Changing toner is also a very simple task.

Important! KYOCERA devices do not change the cartridge. It is fixed separately and when the time has come to replace consumables, only the toner (powder) changes. The toner itself is distributed in convenient toner containers, which are much smaller than the usual cartridge. This technology helps to significantly save on consumables!

You can find out all the specifications of these budget devices in detail
on the following website
Attention! D On September 30, 2013 there is an action dedicated to this line. A trip to Japan is played for 2 and other KYOCERA brand prizes, like ceramic knives. If someone buys 1 of 6 budget devices at home or in the office, he will be able to win good and useful gifts!