Virgin Galactic successfully tests its SpaceShipTwo


Last month , news appeared on Habré that the Grasshopper grasshopper rocket passed another successful test. Now, another good news for those who hope to visit space in reality, and not just read science-fiction works. Virgin Galactic conducted the second successful test of SpaceShipTwo, which means that the commercial launch of the project is already very close.

SpaceShipTwo, as planned, will "roll" passengers into space and back to Earth. The other day, this spaceship took off from the Mojave Desert, California, and returned. This time the ship took off to a height of 21 kilometers, which is higher than during the last test flight. In addition, this time a test of the new landing control system was carried out, when the wings and tail change position to vertical. According to company representatives, the special position of the wings and tail during landing reduces the speed of the ship.

Apparently, the commercial launch of flights will take place in 2014, and it is unlikely that something will hinder it if everything continues to go smoothly. According to Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, yesterday another significant result was achieved in the field of space flights (meaning “commercial space exploration”).

Via theverge