Windows LLVM News

In many news about Clang on a hub I watched the same question: "when will normal support for Windows?".

I am sure those who asked such questions will be interested in the latest news from the world of LLVM.

“In recent months, Google programmers and other members of the LLVM community have begun actively working to make the LLVM toolchain for Windows so that it supports the full development of applications for this platform, and also helps to improve it. This toolchain works with Visual Studio and the Windows development process that developers are already used to. We want to cross streams (remember Ghostbusters?) Of the Visual Studio IDE and LLVM utilities for working with C ++ to allow developers to more efficiently create C ++ applications.

To achieve this, we put a lot of effort into ensuring compatibility of Clang and LLD (LLVM linker) with Visual Studio and native C ++ code. Today, as announced in my presentation at the GoingNative 2013 conference, we can already assemble Clang’s simple C ++ programs and then compose them with their native C ++ libraries, and then use them, including some interesting new ways. This is a great achievement for our project and we are glad that we can tell you about it. Many people gathered in LLVM to make the code for this project open - thanks to each of you!

Now we would like to increase the level of involvement of Windows developers in the project. We launch on the ability to download a fresh alpha build of Clang, LLD, and other LLVM utilities for Windows. These assemblies can greatly simplify testing and experimenting with LLVM utilities in your development environment. Try them and if you find any errors - please let us know about them. We would be especially grateful if you could help us improve LLVM with your patches ! Keep in mind - the haircut has just begun, so these assemblies are so far targeted at developers who want to help us find and understand our mistakes; builds themselves will often be updated as bugs are fixed.

There is still a lot of work ahead to do full support for the Windows platform in LLVM. Join us - your patches will help us a lot!

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