Dash: Create a Robot Constructor for Adults


Can such a hobby as creating robots become mainstream? The developers of the Dash project are sure that yes. Their project is a designer for creating robots with their own hands. Of course, there is no way to build a giant transformer or robot to conduct battles with alien invaders using such a constructor. But it's possible to make your own little home robot. According to the developers, Dash is perfect for engineers, technicians, people who are passionate about technology, including schoolchildren and students.

The set includes several sensors that help the created robot navigate in space. Of course, self-assembly of the robot may seem a little complicated for a beginner, but where can a beginner get the necessary experience in robotics, if not in the process of assembling his own project?

The developers call their project “origami robot,” since the creation of the device also includes the stage of folding the parts into a single whole. Parts of the robot are delivered in the form of a sheet of plastic, which is already cut by the laser into the necessary parts. The kit has everything you need for assembly, except for glue.

Once the robot is assembled, it can be controlled using any iOS device via Bluetooth 4.0 (it is not clear why Android was not turned on right away, postponing the inclusion of support for such devices until later). Dash is charged via micro USB, it takes about 40 minutes to fully charge the battery.

There is some good news for Arduino fans: Dash is compatible with this board.

So far, funds are being raised for the project, it takes only $ 40 to pre-order the robot, but for this money you can get only the “younger” model of the device. For $ 65, the “investor” receives a more advanced model, and for $ 100, the buyer receives both the robot and the door-to-door delivery. If the project receives the necessary amount, then only 1000 of these sets will be produced. Perhaps in future production will continue.

By the way, of the 64 thousand dollars requested by the developers, 42 thousand have already been raised, and there are still 25 days left. I think the probability that the necessary funds will be raised is very high.

Here is a video of what might happen after the build:

Via Dash