LADEE lunar device launched successfully + NASA account appeared on Instagram

Yes, today there are two interesting events that are worth mentioning in one note, since they relate to the same organization, namely NASA, and to the same event, which is described below. So, what was written about several times on Habré happened: the lunar apparatus, which is supposed to study the atmosphere of the Moon and the composition of dust particles, is launched.

LADEE started with the Minotaur V launch vehicle today, at 7:27 Moscow time. The launch was made from the Wallops Cosmodrome in the United States. At the same time, as mentioned earlier, the launch of the spacecraft was broadcast by NASA live here . LADEE, among other things, is also notable for the fact that this device has a laser optical communication system, which has already been written about. It is this type of communication, subject to successful trials, that can become fundamental in space.

The launch took place in normal mode, apparently, there were no problems ( according to the updated data , some problems nevertheless arose ).

As for the second news, there is also something to be happy about, especially for fans of social networks, including Instagram. It was on this resource that she opened her next NASA account. The Agency has already uploaded several historical photos of the Moon, which is associated with the launch of the lunar device LADEE mentioned above. In addition, the photo of the launch of LADEE is uploaded, and the agency promises to regularly upload photos and videos related to other space / near-Earth space research projects.

So far, not a lot of photos have been uploaded, but this is understandable, because NASA will not post everything in a row. You can see what is here (here you can subscribe to account updates).