The digest of interesting news and materials from the world of PHP for the last two weeks No. 25 (08.25.2013 - 09.09.2013)

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News and Releases


  • RFC: Auto-loading functions - In continuation of the recently published proposal to import functions and constants from namespaces , a new proposal was put forward: implement automatic loading of functions and constants by registering the corresponding callback in autoload_register. The proposal was perceived by the core-team quite ambiguously, as evidenced by disputes in php-internals . The author of the proposal, a well-known activist of the PHP community Anthony Ferrara, was indignant at the lack of constructive criticism and announced that he was leaving php-internals . He wrote in more detail about the reasons for making this decision, as well as about problems in the core PHP team in his post .
  • RFC: Syntax of Functions with a Variable Number of Arguments - An excellent proposal from Nikita Popov, which greatly simplifies the use of functions with a variable number of arguments. Where previously required to be used func_get_args() , now you can simply declare function fn($arg, ...$args) .
    A good overview of the proposal as well as examples can be found in this post .
  • RFC: Unpacking argument lists - A proposal that complements the previous one, and that is to implement in PHP functionality already available for example in Python and Ruby . In addition to convenience, the implementation of the new syntax is also much more productive .
  • RFC: Named Arguments - And another great suggestion from Nikita Popov. If these changes are made to the kernel, then finally it will become possible to pass arguments to the function in an arbitrary order and skip optional parameters. And although a similar proposal has been put forward before , so far it is in the literal sense of the RFC - a request for feedback. Discussions about the need for this functionality are ongoing.
    A few thoughts and examples in this post .
  • RFC: Skipping optional parameters - In this sentence, it is assumed that the keyword is used default in the argument list: fn(1, default, 3);


  • PHP FFmpeg - Great wrapper over ffmpeg for PHP.
  • Alice - A fixture generator that allows you to describe test data in an easy to read and edit form.
  • Geocoder - A library that will be useful in creating applications that process geo-data.
  • Rx.PHP - A set of libraries for creating asynchronous and event-based PHP applications.
  • Explain Shell - An excellent tool that visually displays information about the console command and its parameters. For example tar xzvf archive.tar.gz .

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