ZEUS: 3D all-in-one copy machine (3D printer + 3D scanner + 3D copier + fax)

3D printers, and more recently, and scanners, are amazing. They open a new stage in the development of technology and industry, penetrating deeper into the everyday life of ordinary citizens, and into various fields of science and technology. But, of course, not everything is always smooth. The same 3D printers often require fine-tuning, which takes hours and days of the buyer. Here, on Habré, I somehow read the comment of a dissatisfied buyer of a 3D printer, who only managed to print a pen, after which I couldn’t get the device working properly. But there seems to be a solution to this problem. In particular, recently published information about a 3D scanner / printer ZEUS, which is devoid of most of the above problems.

According to the developers, the project has been working on over the past five years, so the team has created a truly universal device with which the buyer will have a minimum of problems. This device can print an unlimited number of copies from a sample delivered to the scanner compartment.

The device is equipped with a plug-and-play interface, and the same developers claim that this is one of the easiest 3D printers / scanners in the world. A 7-inch display helps control the scanned image, as well as control the printing process itself.

Scanning is performed using a laser, while the object is installed on the base, which, when the scanner is turned on, starts to rotate. In addition to scanning, the device, or rather, its software, is able to correct scanning errors by correcting distorted places.




This project is currently undergoing fundraising on Kickstarter . The amount of 100 thousand dollars that developers need has already been collected, even more has been received - 134 thousand dollars. Moreover, until the end of the term another 26 days. You can immediately see how interesting this device seemed to users.

And all this despite the fact that the price of the device, by pre-order, is not less than 2 thousand US dollars. Yes, you can invest $ 5 and $ 15 by getting a T-shirt and some other bonus. But a real device can be obtained by depositing at least 1999 US dollars.

Via Kickstarter