Smart teapot for a smart home


Not so long ago I published on Habré the news about the "smart" microwave , which even knows how to talk. This device is really interesting - and after all, such projects appear constantly, not individual craftsmen are already working on them, but already large companies like Electrolux. Rather, not only large ones, and what pleases them - not only foreign ones. Recently there was information that a group of Russian developers was engaged in the creation of devices that can be called "smart", and which are aimed at technology lovers. Their first device was a kettle. Yes, we’re familiar with an electric kettle that suddenly “wised up”.

This advanced kettle got the opportunity to take readings on the water level, its temperature, then transmitting this data over the wireless Wi-Fi network to the user. Of course, not directly to the brain, before that, teapots, even advanced ones, did not reach it. No, the user receives information on a smartphone, fortunately, along with the kettle, an appropriate application was created that allows you to control the unit by boiling water completely and completely.

Personally, I really liked the function of maintaining the water temperature at a constant level. We all know how reluctant it is to get up from a chair / chair and go to the kitchen to turn off the screaming kettle, which has already lost more than half of its water supplies. If we are talking about an ordinary electric kettle, then it will turn itself off, but here the water will gradually cool down, and when we come to it, after long work, we have to boil again. And here everything is simple - the temperature is set, say, at 64 degrees (of course, before that the water was already boiling), which means that the temperature will be maintained as long as the owner needs it.


In addition to this function, there are many more "chips" that make life more convenient and interesting. For example, you can turn on the kettle directly from your smartphone a few minutes before you get home.

  • Of course, in the morning, when setting the appropriate settings, this kettle will meet you with hot water of the desired temperature.
  • A teapot can “advise” what water temperature to use for different types of tea.
  • The kettle can prepare water for the baby formula by heating the water to 38 degrees.
  • Well, the kettle will send you a message on your smartphone after it has prepared the water. Rather, not only on a smartphone, because applications for this device are also available under Windows, Linux, Mac.

Here is a slightly more detailed description of the functions of this teapot:
According to the developers, the teapot can be easily integrated into the smart home system, if you have one. Well, if not, then this may be the first step in creating such a system.

By the way, the price of a “smart” teapot is not as high as one might think. Buying it will cost about 100-150 US dollars. By the way, a couple of days ago I chose a toaster in one well-known retail chain, and I saw ordinary, albeit pretty, electric kettles for the same price. And after all, these are the most ordinary units, they are simply “designer”.

And here is a Wi-Fi module, an application for a smartphone, notifications, and more, and more.

A fly in the ointment in this whole barrel of honey can only be what is still working prototypes of the kettle, but you can buy it only in a few months, somewhere like that. I hope that by Christmas you can make yourself such a gift. But for now, the exact date the kettle was put into production is unknown, unfortunately.

And yes, I would like to end the note with a phrase like “Do you still boil? Then we will come to you ”, but this phrase seems to have already been used by manufacturers of washing powder. So do without slogans :)