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Original author: Mattt Thompson
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Style or Essence
Message or Carrier of
Rhetoric or Dialectic
Beauty - is it something superficial or coming from deep truths?
What does good design mean?
Are aesthetic judgments relative or absolute?

These are important issues that have been debated by philosophers, artists, and poets for millennia.

And while we continue our search for beauty and understanding of the world, the mobile application market in this area clearly states:
Users pay for beautiful applications.

When buying an iPhone, the user also buys the Apple philosophy: things should not only work well, but also look good. The same applies to development on iOS - an ugly user interface affects the program code.

Historically, even for a slight change in the appearance of an application in iOS, a set of hacks was required, coupled with the danger of rejecting the application in the AppStore. Fortunately, since iOS 5 developers have a new tool: UIAppearance .

UIAppearance Allows you to uniformly control the style of components throughout the application.

To implement this, while maintaining the existing structure, UIKit Apple experts have implemented a rather interesting solution: UIAppearance Is a protocol that provides a proxy object that is used to configure objects of a particular class. Why a proxy, and not a property or method itself UIView ? Because there are objects that are not part of the hierarchy UIView , such as UIBarButtonItem , with their own representation. Appearance can be changed for all components of a certain type or only for those attached to a specific hierarchy:

  • +appearance returns a proxy object for this element class.
  • +appearanceWhenContainedIn:(Class )ContainerClass,...: возвращает прокси-объект для объектов, находящихся в определенном контейнере.
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    The spirit of perfectionism is also alive in iOS. The community is constantly developing a system in the field of user interaction. This makes iOS development more difficult, but also much more enjoyable.

    Do not settle for half measures.
    Make your applications beautiful from appearance to implementation.