Ruby language lovers meeting

Recently, in the St. Petersburg office of Jetbrains , a regular meeting of the progressive part of the developers of the Northern capital in the glorious Ruby language took place. This time the audience was waiting for a serious set of reports from development methods, nuances of frameworks, and even management styles. The meeting place was not chosen by chance, since it is at JetBrains that they develop the popular among Rubist IDEs - RubyMine .

In general, the past meeting could even be counted as a small conference with good technological presentations, strong (technically) listeners and some time for discussions. The number of group members is growing, the level of reports is also increasing, so if you have a desire to tell about your ruby ​​experience or to learn tricks from development from colleagues, join us .

Nikolai Ryzhikov, Ruby SPb community activist :

Хотелось бы, от лица нашего питерского руби сообщества, поблагодарить JetBrains за радушный прием, оказанный нам. Мы надеемся запустить процесс взаимодействия между специализированными айтишными сообществами нашего города. И на прошедшем митапе мы постарались сделать его программу достаточно широкой: от devops до управления командой.

The meeting began with a report by Vladimir Barsukov, "Effective Work with Inherited Code." In his report, he tried to uncover the dilemma of modern Legacy Systems. And he showed several tricks to simplify working with them. Examples of object seams in Ruby and how to find them in your code were given.

Refactoring Ruby Code

Anna Bulenkova, the developer of RubyMine, described the main problems regarding code cleanliness in the context of the Ruby programming language, and also described the main methods and techniques by which these problems can be solved.

Foodtaster: Testing Chef with Vagrant & RSpec

Mikhail Lapshin talked about the problem of the lack of automated code testing tools in the Chef ecosystem and announced the release of the Foodtaster library, designed to solve this problem. Foodtaster gives the programmer a mechanism for unit testing individual cookbooks, as well as a mechanism for integrating testing several nodes. Tests are performed on the developer's machine using VirtualBox and Vagrant. The slides can be found here .

AngularJS for RoR devs

Nikolai Ryzhikov's report was devoted to two key concepts - directive & scope, with which you can open the door to the engine room of angularjs (the new generation front-end framework) and understand how these gears rotate there. The slides can be found here .

Right Team: Balance and Resonance of Interaction

... Become a learning structure through relentless introspection (hansei) and continuous improvement (kaizen) ...
Many have an intuitive understanding of the team and team work, and that’s enough for them. However, such an understanding will not allow continuous improvement ( Kaizen ) of intra-team interaction, turning a group of like-minded people into an effective and developing team. Mikhail Ryzhikov shared his thoughts on this subject. Brief abstracts and slides .

First Ruby Conference in St. Petersburg

Olga Antonova, as an organizer, invited the meeting participants to RubySPb - the first Ruby conference in St. Petersburg, which will be held on September 21, 2013. The
main goal of the conference is to create a strong Ruby community in the city and hold specialized large-scale events in the future. The organizers plan for 2014 to bring for the first time to Russia the creator of Ruby - Yukihiro Matsumoto .

The program is tailored to the interests and with the participation of the Ruby community. Speakers from different cities of Russia and from abroad were specially invited to exchange experience, the format of "Lightning Talks" was planned, and, of course, could not do without informal communication.