IBM Introduces NeXtScale System - High-Performance Computing Platform for Data Center

IBM Corporation introduced the NeXtScale System, a versatile computing platform that delivers up to three times more computing power than modern monoblock rack-mount servers. The solution is ideal for use in highly loaded systems such as social media and cloud services, analytics, as well as mathematical calculations.

Quick adaptation to these services and models of their provision leads to an increase in demand for the creation of data centers, and customers are in search of new technologies that meet these requirements in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs. At the same time, the main selection criteria are high performance and the lowest possible energy consumption indicators. The NeXtScale platform is the latest addition to the IBM x86 server portfolio , designed specifically for applications that require supercomputer power. The new platform is built on the basis of a flexible, open and easy-to-operate architecture that supports the operations of computing, storing large amounts of data and installing graphics accelerators.

The NeXtScale System allows you to place up to 84 x86 servers and 2016 processor cores in a standard 19-inch EIA rack. The platform involves the use of standard components, including input-output cards and top-of-rack switches, which provides configuration flexibility and quick adaptation of the system. IBM also offers a powerful software stack for NeXtScale, which includes the IBM General Parallel File System, GPFS Storage Server, xCAT, and IBM Platform Computing, thus providing customers with key tools for planning, managing, and optimizing the system.

The platform allows you to create a single architecture based on open standards, which has high performance and efficiency. Such a system is able to quickly integrate with customer data centers, existing practices and other x86-based solutions. NeXtScale helps customers more efficiently manage their operations and investment budgets, while providing maximum computing power and significant space savings. Thanks to the standard form factor and the use of standard components, IBM partners can offer a platform for high-performance computing to a wider audience of users.

“The NeXtScale platform delivers high performance for the most demanding workloads in high-performance and cloud computing or managed hosting services,” said Kevin Rozynek, NASA Director of Direct Systems Support (IBM Business Partner). “In addition, the new system provides customers with more options in terms of flexibility in settings and component configuration - in fact, it can do anything.”

NeXtScale is the perfect solution:
  • For large data centers that require efficiency, high density computing and scalability;
  • For public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures;
  • For business analytics applications, for example, customer relationship management, operational optimization, financial risk management and business modeling;
  • For applications of social network resources, for example, online games and video streaming;
  • For high-resolution imaging in areas such as medicine or oil and gas;
  • For "industry" use - in cases where a compact solution helps to accelerate forecasting of results, engineering calculations, as well as optimize design and modeling processes.

IBM also introduced the x3650 M4 HD server - an improved version of the x3650 system that uses a hardware RAID controller with support for bandwidth up to 12 GB, and also provides 60% higher storage density, making the server ideal for working with large amounts of data and critical workloads. The IBM NeXtScale and System x3650 M4 HD are the latest additions to the System x dual-socket server portfolio, which includes rack-mount solutions, as well as Flex System, iDataPlex and BladeCenter servers. All these server solutions will use the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors, which will provide up to 45% * increased performance.

“With a combination of exceptional flexibility, high performance and efficiency, a standard form factor and a powerful software stack, NeXtScale is a one-stop solution for our customers' data centers. This platform is easy enough to prepare for use, implementation, and deployment, ”said Adalio Sanchez, CEO of IBM System x. “The announcement of NeXtScale and other new products and updates reflects our commitment to continually developing our x86 portfolio of high-performance solutions for our customers.”

NeXtScale supports the industry's fastest x86 processors, as well as high-speed memory modules with a frequency of 1866 MHz. The platform can be integrated in the data center or used in server rooms, and is compatible with power systems operating with a low voltage of 100-127 V. NeXtScale can also be used in data centers with an increased operating temperature (up to 40C °) - thus lower requirements for cooling systems reduce operating costs. The Native Expansion concept provides users with the ability to add additional features to the NeXtScale platform, such as data storage, graphics accelerators or co-processors, both at the checkout stage and during the operation of the platform. NeXtScale users also have access to basic kits, которые помогают конфигурировать многие стандартные отраслевые решения для высокопроизводительных вычислений и облачные решения, такие как Ansys, MPI-BLAST и OpenStack.

The NeXtScale platform offers IBM business partners a flexible configuration system available for ordering in the format of standard parts for building a solution, which allows partners to add key components and services to create additional capabilities. This high-performance solution allows business partners to expand their customer base and helps grow in the fast-growing x86 server market.

Featuring special system flexibility, the NeXtScale platform is available for ordering in a single-node configuration, in the form of an empty or configured chassis, as well as as part of an integrated IBM Intelligent Cluster solution that has passed testing and is ready to use. Choosing an Intelligent Cluster system, the customer receives a solution with all the necessary switching modules and software that has passed stress testing. This configuration allows you to reduce the time usually spent by the customer to configure the system by 75% **, while significantly reducing the level of household waste from packaging materials.

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NeXtScale Platform Video:

X3650 M4 HD Server Video:

* (E5 v2 New Generation Java * Performance) Basic configuration and server java benchmark results: Intel Server Board S2600CP platform with two Intel Xeon E5-2690 processors (2.9 GHz, 8 cores, 20 MB L3 cache, 8.0 GT / s, 135 V, C2 stepping), 128 GB of memory (16x8 GB DDR3-1600), RHEL 6.2.32, Oracle Hotspot 1.7.0_21-b05. Source: Intel TR # 1310, July 18, 2013 Result: 40,047 max-jOPs.

New configuration and results of server java benchmarks: Intel Server Board S2600CP platform with two Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2 processors (2.7 GHz, 12 cores, 30 MB L3 cache, 8.0 GT / s, 130 V, C0-stepping ), 64 GB of memory (8x8 GB DDR3-1866), RHEL 6.2.32, Oracle Hotspot 1.7.0_40-ea-b2. Source: Intel TR # 1310, July 18, 2013 Result: 58,279 max-jOPs.

** Data is relevant for a pre-configured Intelligent Cluster system compared to a field-configured system. The time required to prepare the server for operation is reduced from 10 to 2.5 hours.