Windows Camp Live Broadcast

Today, September 12, in Moscow at Digital October is the Windows Camp conference. At this conference, we will talk about development for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, and Windows Azure.

The broadcast will begin at 10:00 MSK. The conference will be opened by Alexander Lozhechkin, Director of the Microsoft Strategic Technology Department in Russia. After the opening, the conference is divided into four rooms. The first one will host two sessions at which partners will share their thoughts on how to successfully conduct business with the Microsoft client and cloud platform. The business session on the client platform will be led by Mikhail Chernomordikov, head of the expert group, and the session on the client platform will be led by Dmitry Marchenko, head of the partner relations department.

At the same time, in three other rooms it will be possible to learn about new opportunities for the developer in Windows 8.1 from Konstantin Kichinsky and new Windows Azure services from Vladimir Yunev, experts in strategic technologies. The story about corporate development on the Microsoft platform will be continued by Aleksey Shulenin, in parallel, you will be able to learn about new features in Visual Studio 2013 for application developer by Dmitry Andreev and the experience of developing a payment SDK from PayOnline
Conference reports will continue until 7 pm. You can learn about new features for XAML / C # and HTML / JS developer in Windows 8.1 and how you can organize a test environment using Windows Azure.

First-hand, you will learn about the opportunities that Nokia Imagine SDK provides, gMaps developers will talk about the possibilities of cross-platform development with Monogame and cocos2d. Web developers are not forgotten - they will be able to learn about how using Windows Azure they can create scalable websites and services.

And that’s not all. New in Windows 8.1 and little-known WinRT features, including the use of strategic expert Stas Pavlova in the desktop applications in the report, the use of common code in Windows Phone and Windows 8 solutions from Dmitry Soshnikov, as well as authentication in your solutions using Windows Azure by Andrey Moor .

The final chord will be reports on the promotion and monetization of Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications, new in C / C ++ DirectX development in Windows 8.1 and the use of ready-made cloud backend in mobile applications.

It seems to me that we managed to put together an interesting program and everyone will be able to find reports to their liking.

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