“A failed experiment on the set,” or a new movie format

Recently, we filmed experiments for a joint project of the "SIMPLE SCIENCE" and "SCIENCE 2.0" channels. I will not reveal all the secrets for now, but I will show one of the “unsuccessful” experiments. Although I personally would not call him unsuccessful. Indeed, one cannot do without such “failures”; they are an integral and sometimes very spectacular part of any experiment. Here is a piece of insider information that hasn’t been aired yet.

As you can see, the barrel tore to hell. True, it took too long to wait. But it was worth it! ;)
The essence of the experience is as follows:
  • pour liquid nitrogen into a plastic bottle;
  • twist the cap and put the bottle in the barrel;
  • we fill everything with ping-pong balls;
  • a bottle explodes;
  • the barrel bounces, and all the balls fly up, and then fall to the floor. We get an orchestra of falling tennis balls.

When liquid nitrogen is heated, it begins to boil, passing from a liquid state to a gaseous one. Accordingly, its volume also changes (gas takes up more space than liquid). But since the bottle is closed, there is nowhere for gas to escape and the pressure in the bottle begins to rise. This cannot happen forever and the bottle, unable to withstand, is torn, releasing gas to the outside. It turns out a blast wave that strikes the bottom and walls of the barrel and, having met resistance, rushes into a single free place - that is, up. And we get rain from the balls.

They began to analyze why the barrel could not stand it, and it turned out that it was made of fragile plastic. And the waiting time can be reduced by adding a bag of hot water to the place of the barrel where the bottle with nitrogen is placed. This will speed up the process of gas in the bottle.

We bought a barrel of softer plastic and decided to repeat the experiment, but without balls. And, you know, the barrel really survived! And the waiting time was reduced from 15 to 5 minutes. Now we are ready for a full-scale experiment :). Here is the moment:

ANNOUNCEMENT: now we are preparing a new program together with Anton Wojciechowski and the channel “Science 2.0”. We are sure that by combining all the best that we have on “SIMPLE SCIENCE” and all the best from “SCIENCE 2.0”, the output will be a very lively and informative picture. And by the way, this program will be in Internet format;)


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