Google Chromecast review: Apple TV analogue?

Hello, residents of Habra. Since the announcement of Chromecast, I could not understand why the device is compared with the Apple TV? What is the functionality of a set-top box like a Chromecast? In fact, these are completely different things and each is good in its own way, but in this review I wanted to share my personal impressions of the “whistle” at the level of Apple TV and tell about its main functions.

At first glance, Chromecast is a MiniPC with an HDMI input for a TV, but in fact, this thing does not reach a full-fledged Android computer, and it’s also unnecessary.

Chromecast allows you to stream web pages from your computer and play YouTube videos in high resolution. And, it would seem, nothing special ... but how it is done!

Google Chromecast kit: box, Chromecast, MicroUSB wire, plug for an American outlet, instructions.

Chromecast connects to the TV using HDMI, but for this it needs power, so it has an input for a MicroUSB cable on the back. To get started, you must connect the wire to the “caste” and the TV, if it has power. If not, then take the plug and plug into the outlet.

After the first inclusion, it will be necessary to configure Chromecast. This can be done both from a computer and from a phone (iOS, Android). I did using my laptop. At you need to download a special application for Mac or PC. At the first launch of the program, she will immediately see Chromecast via Wi-FI and ask for confirmation of the code, after that you can give the device a name and connect to the same Wi-Fi network that your computer (or phone) is connected to. What is noteworthy, Chromecast only supports networks at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz new from Google does not perceive.

After the program is installed, and Chromecast is configured - you can broadcast. A special button appears in the computer in the form of an extension.

On the phone, this button appears automatically if there is a Chromecast on your Wi-Fi network. (Of course, I'm talking about the YouTube app on iOS)
In Android, the situation is similar.

The most interesting thing is that you can turn on the video and minimize the application or even turn it off.

No less interesting things are with web pages. Using the extension, you can broadcast any site, any window on the TV. In my case, this is useful when a new series of Interns was released on RuTube, and I want to watch it on TV. This is where Chromecast helps.

Moreover, the sound that is inside the page remains on the TV, and you can listen to music on your laptop from Vkontakte in the next window. This is competent.

The streaming button also appears on the YouTube player, and in the case of it, the page can also be closed, and the TV will continue to show the video. It's great that you can queue a video.

Chromecast is worth buying if you have fast Internet, because with a stable speed - even at 5 Mbps, the device will take everything, even in idle mode.

Chromecast in the USA costs $ 35, and the first customers received 4 months of free Netflix subscription. In Russia, the price at the moment is not lower than 4,500 rubles, which is too much.

I forgot to talk about the ergonomics of the device: it is really at the highest level and the Chrome logo gives confidence, but in fact this thing will stick out behind your TV, so I don’t see the point of discussing it. The box is also cool.

Returning to the issue of Apple TV, I think it’s not competent to compare these consoles. Apple TV has wider functionality than Chromecast. For example, AirPlay broadcasts not only video, but in general everything that happens on a Mac, iPhone or iPad. She has her own movie store and other benefits. But there are no drawbacks here either: firstly, the price is $ 100, secondly, irrelevance for Russia, and thirdly, you can’t control Apple TV using Android or Chrome.

But, as usual, since Western journalists called it an Apple TV rival, people will choose ... between the stove and the refrigerator. In addition, prices in Russia are about the same.

P.S. Chromecast мне давали на тест, но штука мне настолько понравилось, что я ее себе куплю. For $ 35, of course.