Private space is now in Russia

Hello everybody. it Zelenyikot , I want to talk about the news, which means a lot to me, and I’m sure will attract the attention of many Habrovsk citizens.

On Habré with interest follow the activities of private space companies: SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and others. Progress does not stand still, and now, private space exploration has reached Russia. I represent the domestic first-born, who is determined to make space exploration profitable: Dauria Aerospace .


Habré likes publications about space, but traditionally treats them like "cats", that is to the fact that it is pleasing to the eye, pleases the soul, but has no practical application in life. Now such a time is a thing of the past, and Dauria has proposals that may be of interest not only to those wishing to make a career in the space industry, but also to free developers. The time is approaching when space can become for Habr not only interesting, but also profitable.

I’ll tell you more about each area of ​​the company’s activities, for now, a brief introductory review.

The company was created by a native of Transbaikalia Mikhail Kokorich. He made a fortune in retail and a bunch of other startups, but at some point decided to combine the dream of space and the desire to make money. Mikhail, and two of his classmates at the Physics and Mathematics School of Novosibirsk State University, created Dauria Aerospace. The company received a name according to the historical name of Transbaikalia. The central office is located in Moscow on the territory of the Skolkovo Technopark.


During one of 2012, Dauria became an international holding company, including the American company Canopus and the German CloudEO. In Russia, the company brought together a young but professional team, which allowed us to begin the implementation of our first space project DX-1. In addition, in December 2012, the company won a state contract for the production of two microsatellites for Roscosmos, and the development of a means of deploying CubeSat devices on Russian launch vehicles.

The DX-1 satellite is an experimental vehicle that is created as a universal small space platform to accommodate various types of payloads. In addition, the “first-born” is needed in order for the team to work out, a chain of suppliers and contractors has been established, technologies and working methods have been tested. A control program written for the satellite will become the basis for future generations of devices. DX-1 will fly with an AIS signal receiver - it will monitor ships in the oceans. This is the first Russian satellite with such functionality. The launch will be in passing, Roskosmos promises for December, but there is some likelihood that it will be postponed.


Automatic Identification System ( AIS ) Is a means of exchanging navigation and registration information between ships on the VHF channel. A passing satellite catches these signals, receiving data from which it is possible to make a map of the location of the vessels. At each turn, information is sent to the receiving station on Earth. The data is of interest to coastal services, shipowners, transport companies.


There is also an aviation AIS, I think many used the service that was created with its help:
A more interesting project is the Kubsat-nano state contract . It should be noted right away that “nano” is not a tribute to the current fashion, but an international standard for the classification of spacecraft. As applied to satellites, "nano" means "from 1 to 10 kg." “Kubsat-nano” is Roscosmos’s second experience in creating, launching and operating CubeSat spacecraft.


Roscosmos “Kubsat-nano” is needed to gain experience in operating the apparatus of the “overseas” CubeSat standard. For Dauria, this is an ambitious project to create a CubeSat standard Earth remote sensing apparatus that solves real-world applied problems. Today, more than a hundred cubesat has been launched in the world. And most of them are for experimental, educational or even entertaining purposes. Only a few carry out practical tasks, most often associated with relaying radio signals. Kubsat-nano will be the first CubeSat to engage in professional multispectral imaging of the Earth's surface. Such information will be useful to the Ministry of Emergencies, agricultural and forestry. Shooting will allow you to analyze vegetation using the HDVI algorithm, which is used, for example, when processing data from American satellites Landsat .

The Dauria Aerospace plans to create several satellite constellations for various purposes: Internet services; remote sensing of the Earth, in different ranges and different resolutions; information transfer for the purpose of inter-machine interaction. The services offered from them should be the main source of revenue for the company.

Now, a few words about the case for developers.
The German division of Dauria is creating a cloud-based software environment that will allow more active use of satellite data, both in everyday life and in business. Despite the fact that there are dozens of Earth remote sensing satellites in orbit today, there are only a few examples of their widespread use: Yandex Maps, Google Maps, several meteorological resources, etc. For the most part, satellite data have a highly specialized application, for the specific needs of states or large commercial customers.

CloudEO Basis in the following: all open data from NASA and ESA remote sensing satellites are accumulated on the servers, satellite data from other devices are purchased, the results of the work of Dauria Aerospace's own constellations are added to them. The acquisition and processing of paid photographs is not cheap. CloudEO's idea is to make expensive big shots more affordable in parts. Conditionally, if one frame is currently being sold for $ 100, then with the launch of the system, the same information can be sold to 100 customers for $ 1.


Information on CloudEO servers becomes available for use in various applications, the development of which is possible for everyone. You can implement any ideas and monetize them by analogy with the AppStore: monitor the weather, check the cleanliness of the water in the southern resorts or the state of the snow cover, on the ski resorts, monitor the condition of the fields and forecast yields, look for free parking in megacities, the least busy routes, and much more another. Opportunities will increase over time, as the number of satellites in operation increases, the quality, and, most importantly, the frequency of shooting, increases.

At the initial stage of service development, it is possible to provide grants from Dauria Aerospace to application developers. I suppose this will attract the interest of many, but please do not ask questions now. I myself have not fully figured out CloudEO, and the service is not ready yet. How the time will come - I’ll figure it out and tell you or bring a specialist who will tell you better.

In the company’s blog on Habré, I will talk about how the work on creating spacecraft is progressing, and when they fly, how their work is going. I will try to attract specialists who can tell more technical details of the design, construction and control of spacecraft, the development of space software.

In general, the team at Dauria Aerospace is simply magnificent. Just a year ago, I was jealous of NASA JPL employees who put Curiosity on Mars for their excitement, passion and unlimited interest in their work. Today I don’t envy, because I myself work in the same enthusiastic team, and, hell, we also make space, and this happens at home, and not overseas!


Well, a little about yourself.
Thank you to Curiosity for being interested in space again as a child. The fact that I came to Habr, thanks to the Mars-Terraforming project and personally Cholgaa By the way, they continue to work and are waiting for curious guests greedy for Mars. The fact that I and Dauria Aerospace found each other, thanks to Electro-L and Kapn614 .
In general, an amazing chain of meetings and events took place over this year, which turned my life upside down, and Habr played an important role.

Six months ago, I was eager to build my amusement park from Roskosmos NASA, with the site and PR, but it did not work out. So now I'm building my SpaceX from Dauria. The company so far only makes near-Earth vehicles, but I will do my best to move the private interplanetary program. There are ideas about the moon, and then I’ll come up with something for Mars. It sounds arrogant and fantastic, but my whole habro-year is so fantastic that I can’t believe it myself, and I intend to develop an attack on objective reality. Times are changing, progress is coming, the cost of technology is falling, and we can talk about a new wave of space expansion, in which everyone can make a contribution.

In other words: the future is here for everyone, and let no one go offended!

P.S. И, да, Zelenyikot, не меняется. I have a bunch of cosmic ideas and plans not related to work. In the fall we will begin to implement!