Emotiv Insight neural interface - raised $ 1,500,000 on Kickstarter


In the coming hours, the Kickstarter campaign will end the fundraiser, which has already exceeded one and a half million dollars, having achieved all three additional goals!

$ 1,000,000

The first additional target was a million dollars. For this amount, the designers promised to develop and add a 6-axis inertial sensor (roll, pitch, yaw, vertical, lateral, longitudinal acceleration) to the device:
  • 3-axis gyroscope (roll, pitch, yaw) 250/500 degrees per second per axis
  • 3-axis accelerometer (vertical, lateral, longitudinal acceleration) 2g / 8g

The resolution of the scale range of the received data can be selected using the API (low resolution - 8 bits, high - 12).
And all this without increasing the cost of the device for the end user.

Insight Extender and $ 1,250,000

Insight Extender is an additional external battery that allows you to increase the operating time of the neural interface by 12 hours, i.e. total operating time will be 16 hours.
The battery is attached with a clip to the clothes and connected with a USB cable to the device. In addition to the charging and connection indicator, the battery has five red / orange / green LEDs displaying the quality of the Bluetooth signal, which is much more convenient than if such indicators were located on the device itself. Also, the Insight Extender can be connected simultaneously to both the USB port and the neural interface, allowing it to work and charge at the same time. This is not possible without a battery, as for security reasons, when connecting Emotiv Insight via USB to a computer, the neural interface stopped working so that the user would not be shocked by a possible port malfunction.
The cost of such a battery is $ 100, but the most devoted sponsors will get it for free:


After collecting $ 1.25 million, the developers added two more innovations to it:
1. A connector for an SD card on which you can record data stream from the interface while there is no connection with a computer or smartphone.
2. An isolated optoelectronic TTL input channel to which short pulses can be sent. Upon receipt of these pulses, the neurointerface will leave marks on the EEG, which will make it much easier to determine the time of receipt of stimuli and the response to them on the EEG.

$ 1,500,000

Using a 6-axis accelerometer, you can determine the relative rotation angles, but due to the accumulating error, this technology has its own limitations. To determine the absolute position of the object in space, it was decided to add a 3-axis magnetometer to the device .

"Stealth" modification

Another color modification of the device has also been developed.

Scope of application

Unfortunately, the accuracy of the data obtained is significantly less than that which can be obtained using medical encephalographs, and therefore, using Emotiv Insight as a cheap replacement for medical equipment will not work.

Emotiv Insight + WigWag

Two projects presented at Kickstarter agreed on mutual integration. There is already a detailed article on WigWag startup on Habré. However, I remind you that this is a smart home project.
Они предлагают не просто набор сенсоров и актуаторов, но и целую инфраструктуру, совместимую со множеством уже существующих интеллектуальных электроприборов, и, что ещё важнее — открытую для модификаций и дружелюбную как к простым пользователям, так и к программистам и хакерам.

WigWag позволяет создавать «правила», подобные рецептам IFTTT, которые могут на основе информации с датчиков или из интернета управлять любыми устройствами. Это могут быть датчики и актуаторы WigWag, интернет-сервисы, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Belkin WeMo, Philips Hue, и любые другие, поддерживающие протоколы IP, RS-232, 6loWPAN, Bluetooth и Zigbee. Причем создавать правила можно не только через графический интерфейс, но и на JavaScript, с помощью среды выполнения DeviceJS, которую разработчики WigWag позиционируют как способ писать приложения для умного дома точно так же, как пишутся приложения для Web.

One of these sensors can be your brain. Having a phone with a WigWag App in your pocket and pairing it via Bluetooth with Emotiv Insight, you can send control commands “from anywhere in the world” (but of course Wi-Fi or 3G should be at this point, EDGE is also good at worst). Now it will be possible not to worry about whether you turned off the light, gas or water, but just mentally turned them off ... but something I dreamed about. In general, the totality of data on the user's location, his mental commands, mood and emotional state, opens up possibilities for creating a new generation of smart home. This is especially true for the elderly and disabled.

Mental teams

How will work with this device? It all starts with a user profile, which stores all the information related to how you use the neural interface, calibration and training data. A profile stores data about your facial expression, normal condition, performance, and mental signatures for mental commands. You can have an unlimited number of profiles for various purposes.
To ensure consistency and simple distinction between possible actions, each profile can contain no more than 15 teams.
The first step in creating a mental team is to prepare a system to recognize your background mental state, the so-called neutral state, by recording a short period of your brain model while you are not trying to execute commands. Then you need to imagine the consequences of the command for 8 seconds, while the system will record the pattern of brain activity and associate it with a specific team. You can configure your own commands using both the API and the Key Bindings program.
Then from these 15 teams 4 active ones are selected (we can say that we put them on the quick launch panel). There are two reasons for this limitation. Firstly, it is not easy for ordinary people to manage even 3 teams, and secondly, the performance of the neural interface processor is not so large as to ensure recognition of more than 4 different commands. However, active commands can be quickly changed using facial expressions, head movements, etc.

Facial expressions

Emotiv Insight determines the activity of the muscles of the face and head. Most EEG systems treat these signals as noise and filter or ignore them when interpreting the signals. The Emotiv Insight system also separates them from brain signals, however, it also determines the muscle groups that cause them. The device allows you to effectively determine such facial expressions as: wink (left and right), raised eyebrows (surprise), frowning eyebrows (frown), smile and gritted teeth.

performance measurement

Emotiv Insight supports five key performance indicators. Each measure is automatically scaled according to your normal range and the base level of each state - the system recognizes your usual state and capabilities and provides a set value showing your relative performance in each case, compared with your overall behavior. The system also records unscaled data for each user, so you can directly compare performance compared to your social group (with the same age, gender, country, lifestyle, etc.) or with the entire population.
Indicators include:
  • Participation : Your current dive level. A mixture of attention and concentration.
  • Concentration : a measure of your close attention to one specific task. The depth of attention is measured, as well as the frequency of switching attention between tasks. A high level of task switching is an indicator of poor concentration and distraction ( here I myself wanted to order the device, I have recently been very sad with concentration ). Concentration is closely related to the state of the flow.
  • Passion : the degree of attraction or aversion to current activities. Слабый интерес указывает сильное отвращение к задаче, а высокий на увлечение задачей в то время как середина диапазона оценки указывают на равнодушие ( ваш C.O. ).
  • Rest : the ability to relax, to restore concentration. People who practice meditation can achieve extremely high points of relaxation ( well, finally it will be possible to find out if meditation works at all or not ).
  • Stress Level : A measure of your comfort level when performing your current task. Severe stress can be the result of an inability to complete a very difficult task. In general, increasing stress levels from low to moderate can increase productivity, while higher levels are generally destructive and can have long-term effects on your health and well-being.

Achieving a certain level of one of the indicators can be associated with the launch of an event - for example, you can adjust the level of lighting or music volume based on the concentration level.

Emotiv Insight Mobile App

By purchasing Emotiv Insight you can download a mobile application ( Android / IOS / Windows Phone ) that allows you to monitor your cognitive performance.