Back screw for .slip Embarcadero RAD Studuo XE

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Advice on how to not exceed the number of valid licenses for one registered copy of Embarcsdero RAD Studio XE. It may be useful to read for system administrators and project managers developing on Embarcadero RAD Studio XE.
Tested on Delphi XE3.

Who's guilty?

Your organization is the happy Embsrcsdero RAD Studui XE license holder for each developer. Of course, if the strict rules for identifying the workstation and user-developers are followed, then there is no reason to fear the “gathering” of the license from Embarcadero. It's simple: one machine - one license with a certain limit on the number of registrations for one key.
But life is a slightly different thing. As they say, if a gun hangs on a wall, then someday it will certainly shoot. Who is to blame that the name of the station and / or the developer account may change? Probably the one who quits, or the one who forgot about the rules and out of habit began to believe that his computer is his possession with his own charter and rules.
In a word, there was a failure at the developer's station. For the first time, RAD Stidio will forgive you and confirm the re-registration. But, the second time there will be no concessions. It will take calls and others (hereinafter referred to as medical vocabulary).

What to do?

Briefly on the points:
1. After installing and registering the Embarcadero RAD Studio XE, save the key and the .slip file in a separate storage. For example, identify the folder on the server as the name of the workstation and user. I leave the identification method at your discretion. The main thing is to copy the .slip file to another location.
The file location for Windows 7 and Windows 8 is the "ProgramData" directory. For example, C: \ ProgramData \ Embarcadero . You will see a file starting with a dot and having the extension .slip . Something like .2 *** _ *. 13 ********. Slip
Copy it somewhere in the repository.
2. After Embarcader RAD Studio at the next start on behalf of a new user informs the creative comrade that the number of registrations has exceeded the allowable number, do:
2.1. Close Studio.
2.2. Copy the saved .slip file to the C: \ ProgramData \ Embarcadero directory .
2.3. In this ( C: \ ProgramData \ Embarcadero ) directory, delete the .licenses folder and all files matching the .cgb_license *
2.4 template . Copy the saved .slip file in the directory c installed by RAD Studio XE in the License folder . For example, C: \ Program Files \ Embarcadero \ RAD Studio \ 1 * .0 \ License . For amd64, the folder may look like C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Embarcadero \ RAD Studio \ 1 * .0 \ License
2.5. Delete the RADStudioXE * .slip
2.6 file in this folder . Rename the .slip file you copied to RADStudioXE * .slip
2.7. Launch RAD Studio XE and confirm the license.

Work on what you paid for.

Good luck :)