YouTube will soon add the ability to watch videos offline (for mobile devices)


Yes, despite the fact that some of YouTube’s innovations cause user dissatisfaction (and rightly so), the developers still try to make the service more convenient. Probably not so much to do good, but because the more people watch videos on YouTube, the more advertising you can show, therefore, more money to earn. So, soon the YouTube team promises to add such an interesting feature as the ability to watch videos offline.

Of course, the video will not load from anywhere, the idea is to create a list of videos that you plan to watch later on the road, for example, and this video will be available without the Web. True, the downloaded video will not be available for ages, but only 48 hours, but this will be enough for the vast majority of users.

Of course, now there are a fairly large number of services and software that add an offline function to the basic functionality of the service. But it will still be a standard tool, very convenient for the end user, that is, for us. I would like to hope that this innovation will not be the last.

And yes, this has already been indicated in the title, but it is worth mentioning again: offline YouTube videos will be available only for mobile devices.

Via youtubecreator