Briefly about the new: Samsung announced the start of mass production of the new 4-gigabit DDR4 memory

Samsung Electronics announced the start of serial production of the new DDR4 memory, which is designed for enterprise servers operating as part of advanced data centers.

The use of high-speed DRAM memory chips in the work of next-generation enterprise servers significantly improves system performance and reduces power consumption. By adopting DDR4 memory module technology early on, OEMs can minimize operating costs and significantly increase productivity, thus ensuring a faster return on investment.


The creation of a 4-gigabit DRAM-memory chip was the next stage in the development of Samsung in this niche since the announcement of 2-gigabit DDR3 memory of a 50-nm class in 2008. The new DRAM-memory has become much faster: the data transfer rate is 2667 Mb / s, which is a quarter higher than the capabilities of DDR3 modules, which also use chips of 20-nanometer class. At the same time, the energy consumption of the chip is reduced by more than 30%.

Based on the world's most powerful and smallest 4-gigabit DRAM memory chip in the world, based on a 20-nm class DRAM module, Samsung Electronics currently has the industry’s largest line of solutions for use in a wide variety of products, from enterprise servers to ending with mobile devices. This will provide customers around the world with a wide selection of cutting-edge, eco-friendly memory solutions with low power consumption and high performance.


Samsung Electronics continues to actively develop the most environmentally friendly memory chips and next-generation solutions for the IT market. Using innovative approaches aimed at computer systems, solutions and software, the company will continue to strengthen its position in the development of "green" memory chips, contributing to the further development of environmentally friendly solutions for the IT market.