Kiev ITSM meeting on September 26

Every day, with a new customer and a new line of products, the business increasingly wants to be sure of the stability and effectiveness of the IT solutions that it uses. Even small malfunctions can become critical at an unfortunate moment, not to mention tools that are not convenient for employees to use.
Any service requires careful preparation and verification before it can be fully used and relied on. A well-designed internal services support system, as well as external services management, allows us to be sure for a long time that we can use the necessary tool at any time.
You can learn how to prepare services, what underlies them, how to guarantee their availability and how to convey this to business at the second Kiev ITSM meeting.

The event will be held on September 26, at 16:00, in the Chasopis coworking.
Event on Habré .

Sergey Popov –IT-director of Platinum bank, CIO "Platinum Bank" 2010 - Now, winner of the Best CIO2012 according to the KO version in the category "small and medium banks".
Speech topic: “SLA> 100%: impossible - possible”

Valentin Sysoev - Project Manager at ActiveAudit Agency. He completed more than 20 projects for the implementation of ISMS according to ISO 27001, PCI DSS, PIN Security, ISO 9001, more than 15 audits for compliance with ISO 27001, Cobit4.1 and PCI DSS.
Topic: Introduction of ISMS based on ISO27000
Dmitry Peshiy
- Head of Server Platforms at Kyivstar since 2008.
Speech: OLA infrastructure - query and incident management.
Kiril Goncharuk - business continuity manager, Kyivstar
Speech: Why the business does not understand IT Service Continuity and does not like IT or how to make the process useful.

Roman Kolos - head of itSMF Ukraine
Topic: “itSMF in Ukraine”
Natalya Glinskaya - Director of the IT Services Department at Verna since 2008
Speech: Through the eyes of an advanced CIO. ITSM and ITIL - IT or business tools?
Andrey Pogorely - IT Director of Starlight Media
Speech: to be confirmed.

Pre-registration and payment is valid.
For participation questions, you can find out in PM or on the event website .