iOS 7 and Xamarin

Original author: Miguel de Icaza
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On September 18, along with the official release of iOS 7, Xamarin.iOS 7
came out.
Xamarin prepared extensive documentation (in English) to help figure out where to start.

Under the cut, Miguel talks about the most interesting, in his opinion, changes in the iOS 7 API with links to sample code.

In iOS 7, there are many functions for working with text and pictures. Text Kit Framework allows you to control the style of labels in the application without resorting to the low-level Core Text. Powerful image color handling is available with the new Core Image filters such as CIColorClamp, CIColorCrossPolynomial and CIColorCubeWithColorSpace. Read more about iOS 7 filters and their work in a presentation with WWDC . Demonstration of each filter in a demo application .

The UIKit Dynamics physics engine complements the UI framework. It provides a simple declarative API for creating realistic animations . Support for keyframes and spring animations in UIView gives you powerful control over your animations without having to resort to the low-level Core Animation. The ability to completely change the animation when switching controllers allows you to make user interaction with the application more realistic. Video demonstration .

With the new multitasking capabilities, iOS 7 has made it possible to complete tasks in the background while consuming significantly less power. For example, update data when the user does not use a smartphone. Backgroud transfer service allows you to download and upload large files without a time limit. Push notifications in iOS 7 before displaying the banner, the user is transferred control to the application. An application may even refuse to display an alert and simply perform actions in the background.

Indoor navigation is made possible by iBeacons and Bluetooth Low Energy. The Multipeer Connectivity Framework provides a high-level API for detecting devices and services accessible via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, without using the Internet (approx. Per. For example, this is how AirDrop works ).

IOS 7 included great APIs for game development. SpriteKit is a 2D engine that includes the popular Box 2D physics engine . The Sprite Kit impresses with its performance (approx. Per. In comparison with third-party engines) due to its integration into Apple Core Graphics. Games using the Game Controller Framework can be played on certified gamepads for the iPhone.

The Core Motion Framework allows you to receive data from the new M7 motion co-processor (iPhone 5s only). It collects accurate data about the user's movement, including speed, orientation and type of movement (for example, walking or moving on a car). Data is collected in the background with minimal energy consumption.

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