IBM Invests $ 1 Billion in Linux and Open Source Power Systems Servers

At the LinuxCon 2013 conference, Ibm announced plans to invest $ 1 billion in new Linux-based solutions as well as open source technologies for IBM Power Systems servers . Thanks to this initiative, customers of the corporation will be able to reduce the cost of processing big data and cloud computing using modern systems designed to work with next-generation applications.

IBM also announced the opening of a new Linux client center in Europe. The new Linux Innovation Center at Power Systems will open in Montpellier, France, and become the fourth representative of a growing network. The first such center was opened in Beijing in May 2013. Similar centers are located in New York and Austin, Texas. Linux Innovation Centers help developers create and deploy new solutions for processing big data, cloud and mobile computing, as well as social business using open source technologies based on Linux and the latest processor technologies POWER7 +.

To help developers, partners, and customers interested in using Linux on Power, IBM is improving the cloud-based application development system on Power Systems. The free cloud service will provide enterprises with the infrastructure to prototype, develop and test Linux applications on Power, as well as software solutions for AIX and IBM i.

These initiatives continue IBM's strategy for developing the Linux ecosystem at Power Systems, which supports thousands of open source applications and third-party programs around the world.

Brave McCredie, IBM Emeritus, and Power Development Vice President, announced these initiatives to 1,400 leading solution providers, developers, and customer representatives at the LinuxCon Linux Foundation's annual conference in New Orleans. Brad McCready emphasized that the main investments will be aimed at research and development of solutions, and will also help support various aspects of the ecosystem, including the implementation of software products, as well as market entry assistance programs for customers, developers, business partners, entrepreneurs, researchers and students.

“Many companies are putting too much effort into managing big data and cloud computing using standard servers that use legacy technology. These servers are overloaded with data, so companies buy the same type of server, which ultimately leads to a general clutter of the data center, ”said Brad McCready. - The era of big data requires a new approach to the organization of the IT infrastructure of the enterprise. It must be open, flexible and capable of handling big data processing and the burden of cloud computing. ”

“IBM’s previous investments have spurred innovation, which continues to its full potential. The Linux community greatly appreciates IBM’s contribution to Linux for Power Systems, ”said Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation. “We look forward to the moment when new solutions using Linux on the Power platform, as well as the results of collaboration between vendors and developers in the development of this open architecture, appear.”

Brad McCready also recalled that the IBM Watson cognitive computing system, once the first machine winner in the Jeopardy TV show, uses Power Systems server solutions on Linux, which once again demonstrates how efficiently the combination of Linux and Power helps to cope with next generation computing loads.

Initiatives voiced by LinuxCon complement the recent announcement of the OpenPOWER consortium, whose strategy is to open access to IBM POWER microprocessor licenses for other companies to collaborate on data center solutions. Thus, IBM first proposed key hardware for use in open source development.

About IBM Open Heritage
IBM has been involved in various Open Source projects since 1999, including OpenPOWER, OpenStack, Hadoop, OpenDaylight, KVM, Apache and Eclipse, as well as Linux. Hundreds of IBM programmers and engineers are contributing to the development of open source software as part of a worldwide community of developers.

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