Project “Objective Europa”: a trip to Europe ... one way


Now quite famous is the project of a colony on Mars, which is called Mars One. Let me remind you that within the framework of this project it is planned to send a team of people to Mars who will not return to Earth, and who will do everything possible to survive. This colony, by itself, should gradually become not only a settlement of people who are engaged only in survival, but become a full-fledged colony. The expedition will include people who agree to never see the Earth again. But there is an even more exotic and even strange project - a flight to Europe , a satellite of Jupiter, the giant gas planet.

It will be a one-way trip, and now it’s difficult to understand whether the creation of any settlement will be planned, with the possibility of using hydroponics, for example, to grow food for people. After all, you won’t be able to take a huge amount of food with you. Even if there is water in Europe that is suitable for people (and most likely it is), food is not there, and growing something is another difficult, and even very difficult task.

Getting to Europe, in the most optimistic scenario, will take 600 days, plus or minus. Among other things, people will need to defend themselves against external dangers, including the influence of Jupiter (gravitational traps, increased radiation background) and possible dangers in Europe itself. Actually, if it is possible to fly without problems, landing on an ice-covered surface is a non-trivial task.

After landing, the team will need to drill ice, study the surface of Europe, collect samples. Maybe the expedition will be equipped with a kind of underwater rover that can study what is under the ice.

So far, the project "Objective Europa" is in the theoretical stage of preparation for a real mission. The authors of the project are looking for volunteers for ongoing work, such as creating 3D models, moderating the forum, and more. So, if you want, you can join the project now .