Tesla patented a hybrid battery, which is enough for 640+ kilometers


The problem with electric vehicles is that so far in most countries, even, as they say, developed, there is no branched network of electric gas stations. Yes, there are such gas stations in cities and even small settlements, but what should an electric car owner do if there is more distance between settlements than his battery can “stretch”? With hybrids, everything is clear, there, when the battery is discharged to about 30%, the internal combustion engine starts to work, which charges the batteries. The same Chevy Volt can drive 1,000 kilometers on 45 liters of fuel, thanks to this principle of operation. But what should a “clean” electric car do? In Tesla, to solve the above problem, they propose introducing a new type of battery into circulation, which is enough for a trip of 640+ kilometers (400 miles).

The company has already patented a battery that can provide the car with power just at that distance. In general, this is not surprising, since Tesla constantly offers new technologies / ideas. For example, after three years, the company promises to introduce robotic cars that can drive on roads without the participation of a driver. In addition, replacing the batteries in the S EV model takes just 90 seconds to fully charged batteries, after which you can continue the journey. Of course, the place where the batteries are changed still needs to be found, but, nevertheless, it already exists.

The battery itself, which is patented by the company, is a hybrid. It combines both a lithium-ion battery and a metal-air battery. The first component is planned to be used for travel over short distances. But the second, metal-air, will be involved in long trips. This is because metal-air batteries have a shorter service life compared to lithium-ion batteries, often recharging them means faster “kill”.

With all this, there is still a problem when a motorist often “rides” long distances, but for those people who travel more around the city than make long out-of-town and long-distance trips, a hybrid battery can be a real solution to the problem of the lack of an electric gas station between settlements.

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