The digest of interesting news and materials from the world of PHP for the last two weeks No. 26 (September 8-22, 2013)

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News and Releases


  • RFC: Enhanced Keyword Support - This proposal aims to remove a number of restrictions on the use of keywords in PHP code. For example, at the moment it is impossible to create a method with the name, say, and or list .
  • T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM v Sanity - Phil Sturgeon conducted a study on resistance to change at PHP Internals. I wonder if there is a name for a phobia in which the developer is afraid of changes in the open-source project? Also reflections on the topic from samdark .
  • Problem Solving in PHP Internals - Another post about problems in PHP-FIG and PHP Internals. By the way, there is a slight shift in the latter: instead of mailing lists, it was suggested to use a forum. Although the proposal was received hostile by some participants, it was finally decided to update the interface by adding a hierarchical display of messages.


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