SmartProgress 2.0. We turned goal achievement into a fun experience

Almost a year ago, we launched the SmartProgress Goal Achievement Project . It all started with an article on the hub, which allowed us to get 7,000 unique visitors and 40,000 views on the first day. For us it was unexpected and incredible. A lot of people wrote that they had a similar idea in their head, but it didn’t come to implementation. Together with the article, we got our first audience, which gave us an impetus for the further development of the project.


SmartProgress has now grown into a community of 12,000 passionate about their goals. More than 13,000 goals have been created, for which about 40,000 comments and posts have been left. Total SmartProgress pages viewed over 1.5 million times. Habr brought us 20,000 unique visitors, and they looked at the site almost 100,000 times. Thank you, Habr, for this! By the way, various media and blogs are actively writing about us, for example, Echo of Moscow and Lifehacker .

Together with visit counters, the quality of the goals has grown. People have become more serious about setting goals and writing meaningful steps on the way to it. What are the goals Creating a network of capsule hotels (in Paris) or Make a SaaS e-learning service for studying the exact sciences or Create a web service for the effective fight against diseases .

Today we will introduce you to the innovations that have become available in the new version.

New functionality

One of our main discoveries was templates. Templates are step-by-step instructions for achieving a particular goal. Users install the template in their profile and work with it as for a normal purpose.

Open a business, build a house or learn to draw - all this will be offered a suitable template with a ready action plan. An important point is the fact that the templates are written by specialists who already have experience in achieving this goal, and they also provide expert support to those users who buy this template. Thus, installing a paid template, you will receive not only comprehensive information, but also an experienced mentor who can help with advice and give the necessary support when it is vital. If you are not satisfied with the information received, we will refund all the money.

Do not forget that the goals are open. Therefore, in addition to the mentor himself, you get attention from the people who installed the same template, and other SmartProgress participants. It turns out such a collective way to achieve goals side-by-side with people as interested in the result as you. Personally, we find the idea of ​​templates interesting and deserving of attention.

Another feature introduced in the new version is “Word Price”. The price of a word is a way to challenge yourself and be motivated by 101%.

The point is simple. You make a public statement that you will achieve such a goal, while setting the price of the word. It can be, for example, 5000 rubles. If you reach the goal on time - money is returned to your account, if not, then we offer options: either transfer money to an orphanage, or to the animal welfare fund, or to develop our service. We are adults and we must understand that no one will check the result, if you lie that you have successfully achieved the goal - this will remain on your conscience. In the end, you do all this for yourself, and not for us. A handwritten written declaration can also be attached to the price of the word.

The price of the word really works. Already many have tested its power. Now it has become an effective measure in business schools and at various trainings. When a person has something to lose, he always acts as efficiently and quickly as possible.

New design

More recently, SmartProgress completely changed its design, becoming more presentable. Usability, we also took the time to simplify many functions. Particular attention was paid to beginners, who can be scared by the abundance of functions. Therefore, they made a simple addition of a goal.


The new design implements many of the features requested by our users. This is how the template, profile and adding a goal look:


Competitive moment

We created SmartProgress so that everyone in it would find something different. So some of you may like the fact that we have implemented a game system of levels, moreover non-linear. That is, at level 5, you choose the scenario for the development of your character. From level to level you get various bonuses. Thus, you transfer game mechanics to real life with one big difference - in the game you pump your virtual hero, and you and your skills on SmartProgress. And this in our opinion is extremely important. After all, sooner or later, the love of games passes, and the human experience gained in real life remains with him forever.

Further development

We plan to continue to replenish the base with new templates and improve existing ones. By the way, we offer to join the ranks of our experts. To do this, please leave a request or contact us by mail . We need people with extensive experience in various fields, able in an accessible language to express their experience in step-by-step instructions.

We also plan to introduce MindMap, because this tool is closely related to the theme of our service.
Now we are developing a mobile application for iOS (release of version 1 is scheduled for October), then we will do the Android version.

We have many ways to surprise you with functionality and quality.
If interested - join .