Steam OS: Linux with a gaming flavor

Recently, the Steam development direction has been very interesting for the entire Linux community, at first the client earned money in many Linux distributions, then the games pulled up.

What is the next step? - Release of its operating system Steam OS.

Features briefly

It seems that Valve decided to compete with manufacturers of game consoles, now we can expect a huge number of competitors from Sony and Microsoft, with better hardware and a huge game base already at the start.

Доступно скоро. Бесплатно всегда!

SteamOS будет доступна скоро в качестве бесплатной для пользователей и бесплатно лицензируемой для разработчиков операционной системы. Следите за появлением новой информации в ближайшие дни.
— Заявляет Valve

In addition, this is not the last loud announcement from Valve, in the near future we are waiting for two more good news

PS In the modern world, perhaps only Valve has remained “secret” information about its plans and announcements until recently.

Valve’s Steam is a great example of how quality, easy accessibility, and convenience were able to defeat piracy.

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Would you buy a console with Steam OS on board?

  • 39.1% Yes, Linux is great, and a game console with Linux on board is amazing 2644
  • 9.1% No, I will buy Sony, Microsoft 615
  • 30.8% Prefer to play on PC 2086
  • 5.3% I'm not interested in the gaming market 356
  • 15.7% Linux development and promotion is great, but I'm not a gamer 1060