The coolest PC system unit (DIY)

Good afternoon, Khabrovsk residents. Thank you very much for the invite! And although starting with the translation of other people's posts is not a good idea, perhaps this homemade project will still seem mega-cool to someone else.

This is a translation of a post from the forum. User Show4Pro decided to pull out all the insides of his super computer and hang everything on the wall. Great idea perfectly implemented. Who cares how it was going and how it works - Wellcome under cat.


Hey there! I just finished mounting water cooling on my wall. All the work took me 4 weeks and 100+ hours, and now I want to share with you the completed project and photos of the installation itself and the process. Enjoy it!

Last time I updated my home car 1.5 years ago. Well, I thought to upgrade the car to i7 (before that there was Bloomfield), although in fact, I did not need a more powerful processor. I wanted to buy a new case - Corsair 900D, to change the 8-year-old Super Armor. But I wanted something special, unique. In Battlestations on Reddit, I came across a very simple but elegant solution - a wall-mounted computer. And with this the whole project began.

Processor: Intel Core i7 950
Motherboard: Asus Rampage III Extreme
Video cards: 2 x AMD HD7970
RAM: 6 x 2GB Corsair Dominator
SSD drives: 4 x 120GB Corsair Force GT SSD
HDD drives: 2 x 1TB WD Caviar Black
2TB WD Caviar Green
1.5TB WD Caviar Green
Power supply : Corsair AX1200i
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Zx
Cooling for CPU:
Heatsink for CPU with water cooling EK Supreme HF Full Copper
Pump Swiftech MCP655 / w Speed ​​Control
Cooler itself FrozenQ Liquid Fusion V Series 400 ml Reservoir - Blood Red
Radiator XSPC RX360 Performance Triple 120mm Radiator
GPU cooling
Radiator for EK FC7970 video card - Acetal + EN The
pump and cooler are the same as for the processor.
Swiftech MCP655 / w Speed Control
FrozenQ Liquid Fusion V Series 400 ml Reservoir - Blood Red
radiator cooling water Watercool MO-RA3 9x120 LT Radiator
DOP cooling
Koolance QD4 Quick Discounnect No-Spill Coupling
Bitspower G1 / 4 Silver Triple Rotary 90deg Compression Fittings
Monsoon Free Center Compression Fittings
Phobya Angled Clip 90 ° Tubing Tubing Guide Phobya
Holder Strip Strip Tubing Clip / Holder
PrimoChill Advanced LRT Tubing Bloodshed Red
Coolant Tubing Phosphorizing Fluid Blue EK UV Blue Non-Conductive Fluid
Bitfenix Alchemy Premium Sleeved Extensions
Corsair Individually Sleeved Modular Cables


To begin with, I took photos of all the components in their real sizes and put it all together in Photoshop. Thus, I was able to move them along the work surface and decide how it would look. Well, this is necessary for the layout of the cooling pipes. Here are a couple of layouts: I
refused it, because of an empty space in the lower right corner. And the motherboard was on the left, although it should be in the very center and attract attention to the entire panel.

There is also a lot of space on the right, although the power supply and motherboard are already closer to the center. In the final version, the cooling tubes extend along the entire right edge, plus two thermometers appeared there.

I transfer the drawing of the motherboard to an acrylic sheet.

Since the video adapters will be far from the motherboard, I ordered extenders for PCIe slots for each of the cards on eBay. This is me testing how they work. True, then I had huge problems with the cross-operation of the cards due to cheap unshielded wires. They were on top of each other and created serious interference. The system hung on the BIOS boot. It was possible to launch it with only one card. In the end, I had to fork out for very expensive cables with good protection. But more on that later.

Item Arrived!

Most water cooling comes from Performance-PC. They even gave me a T-shirt and two whole mouse pads!

Acrylic backing for motherboard.

All acrylic panels are trimmed at 45 ° to achieve the effect of glowing edges.

The holes are drilled, the fasteners are installed.
TA-dah!!! It turns out mom Rampage III Extreme - eATX format. And this is for the ATX form factor.
I made the correct eATX backing later.

It's time to gut my old dusty case.

In the old computer, the disks are inserted into the Vantec HDCS boxes, which out of 2 5.25 "make 3 boxes for the HDD.
Video cards.
Substrates for all components.
Custom mounts for the acrylic pump.
Close-up of the rough finish made using a table saw. Later they will need to be sanded.

In the center of each plate there is a triangular section. It will reflect the light that is projected perpendicularly inside the plate at the edges. Without a cut, the edges barely glow.

Test with the light on in the panel with sound.

All panels are sanded with 120 grit sandpaper.
Close-up of sanding.

All rear panels with pre-made holes.

Under the table is acrylic snow.

Preparation for painting in red.
Surprisingly, Corsair made thermal pads on the petals, although they do not heat up at all.

The layout of all components on the main board to mark the various slots and holes. Board - 1/4 "48 x 30 fiberboard.

All slots and openings are marked in their places.

I'm getting ready to cut slots with a jigsaw.

I glue the frame.

I paint the inner edges in black - the color of a carbon film.

Soldering LED strip.


LED strips. Temporary mount.

Glue a giant vinyl film. That was the cruelest part. I almost got a heart attack. How to stick a film on the phone screen, only x1000 more.

No bubbles!

I use aluminum tape to hide the LED on the front of the panel for hard drives, between them.

My assistant is Tommy.

All substrates are installed in their places on the general board with screws No. 10. Screwed them into pre-prepared holes.

Checking the light.

Coolant and cables arrived. I used Bitfenix for components and Corsair for the power supply.

On the left is Bitfenix, on the right is Corsair. Bitfenix has no black shrink at the ends, so the Corsair looks cooler.

Red ties to tighten hanging wires.

Backside. All cables are connected.

We test for leaks while the entire system is on the floor - it’s easier to fix problems.

First start.

Not loaded. Connected via iROG USB to a laptop to see the download log. It turned out - the system was stuck on the VGA BIOS. Disconnected one of the video cards - it worked. I tried to connect another - it also works. Both cards are not. I did a little research and found that unshielded PCIe extenders with ribbon cables are very susceptible to electromagnetic interference. I tried to shield them by wrapping in several layers of aluminum foil.

After 4 layers of foil, I managed to launch both cards. But the car immediately hung as soon as running any game or any 3D editor. Not only that, my Soundblaster is also cascaded by a cable to the 3 x1 PCIe slot, and this also greatly interfered with the work of the video card and hung the system.
As a result, with a pain in my heart, I had to order expensive protected extension cords for PCIe slots from 3M (about $ 100 each)
3M shielded extension cords in place. They turned out to be longer than the previous ones and now both video cards reached PCIe x16.

Changed the previous sound to SoundBlaster Zx. This one looks amazing!

And finally

At the moment, everything is running smoothly. The installation has only 2 fans. On the PSU, he barely moves, and I put another one on the chipset - very quiet. The pump runs at the lowest power, so the computer came out pretty quiet. The only thing that annoys - it turned out that outside the case you can hear the work of some components. In my case, this is a buzz of vidyuh and 1TV hard drive.

EK UV refrigerant is very sensitive to ultraviolet. I know that you can’t mix coolants to preserve their properties, but hell, if I used it undiluted, I could not see the spirals in the tank. For both circuits, I took about 1/8 of the can, the rest is distilled water.

From translator

I do not pretend to be at least some authorship of this incredible project. I’m just a journalist with an electronics education, and doing such things is my dream. And to be honest, I would make a table, not a wall. So I decided, suddenly not all Khabrovsk residents are sitting on
Here is a link to the original in English: Tyts
Here are a few more photos: