Amazon introduced the Kindle HDX

I just received a newsletter from Amazon with the announcement of a new reader-tablet. They hit again!

Here are just some of the key qualities:
- A unique HDX-display with a resolution of 1920x1200 with a diagonal of 7 "(323PPI) with 100% sRGB color reproduction.
- The fastest processor for a 7" tablet is a quad-core with a frequency of 2.2. GHz
- 2 GB RAM
- Powerful Adreno 330 graphics processor
- Amazon expert support shortcut button - I hope you can reconfigure it to order pizza :)
- And much, much more.

Appearance, however, is not original and practically repeats its predecessor.

UPD (thanks stansult ): But at the same time, the HDX is much lighter and thinner than the HD, the rounding radius of the corners is smaller, and the buttons are more convenient - on an oblique cut, i.e. they are not pressed if the tablet is placed on an edge or placed on a table. In addition, the volume (and with it the headphone input) and the power button (and with it the micro-USB input) are no longer confused - they are located on different sides.

In addition to the 7 "model, there is also a successor for 8.9".

Here is a comparative table of the technical characteristics of the tablets of the new and old generations.

All details are available on the Amazon website .