Ask Intel Expert a New Generation of Intel Haswell Processors

This year we talked a lot about Haswell processors, which is no coincidence - a fundamentally new product always provides almost unlimited scope for discussion. It is time to put everything in my head completely. On the IT Galaxy website, you can ask any question regarding Haswell processors to Intel experts. Clarify all the incomprehensible details, clarify those moments that, in your opinion, have not received proper coverage, refute the false statements in your opinion!

Questions are accepted until September 29 inclusive. You can set them here .

The authors of the 3 most interesting questions, according to experts, will receive prizes from Intel IT Galaxy. Each of them will receive an Intel SSD (Solid State Drive) 335 series with a capacity of 180 GB and 1000 points of the Intel IT Galaxy program.

For the attention of all commentators. The questions left in the comments to this post will be answered! But the winners can only be selected from among the participants in the competition, this is indicated in the rules:
3. Terms of participation:
3.1. To participate in the Competition, you must register in the Intel IT Galaxy community.

The competition ends on Sunday, and participants from Habr still have time to register on the IT Galaxy and ask their question there. If a participant from Habr wants to confirm his primacy and authorship of the question asked, he can add a link to the question on Habré to his question on IT Galaxy.