Complete solution for video services, now free ?!

Saying “video service”, we mean not only the growing popularity of online cinemas, but also any other sites whose idea is somehow related to downloading, processing and broadcasting streaming video. If you own such a service or just plan to create it, welcome to cat.

Clients hosting video portals began to come to us a long time ago. Someone with ready-made solutions, who had to build a structure together with system administrators. Constant demand has prompted us to look for a turnkey solution for such problems.

And such a solution was found. Kernel Video Sharing is not just another script for creating “tubes”. It will allow you to create your own multifunctional video portal with blackjack and ... well, you understand.

The developers of this software product focused on creating a flexible tool tailored to the needs of video content distributors, and on optimizing the code for high loads that accompany work with video data. The application is able to independently initiate video conversion for specified formats, correctly cache all information, distribute requests between multiple servers, etc.

Naturally, user productivity alone cannot be attracted. Therefore, the developers made sure that you could easily realize any of your ideas. A convenient constructor and template engine will allow you to implement the conceived structure of the site, limited only to html and css knowledge, without having to crawl into the program code. If you are familiar with programming, you can expand the functionality at your discretion, since the product comes with open source code.

Special attention should be paid to the settings of the user zone of the site. For example, you can give videos of different quality to users with different access levels, thus creating a premium zone. You don’t have to worry about receiving payments either - the modules of popular payment systems and gateways are already built into the system.

To increase monetary returns, it is useful to collect and analyze statistics. The developers also took care of this opportunity. The video rotation system allows you to identify the most popular materials so that you can concentrate on their promotion.

And the best part. With the developer, it was decided to hold a joint action. Now to everyone who rents from us any server line 1 Gbps Unmetered or 10 Gbps Unmetered in the data centers EvoSwitch (Netherlands) and COPT DC-6 (USA), we will completely free of charge provide a license for the Ultimate version of Kernel Video Sharing with open source code for the entire rental period. This will allow you to save $ 840, immediately get tuned and ready-to-work equipment and do your immediate task - the implementation of the project. Note that the data centers with which we work have good channel capacity and connectivity with both Europe and the post-Soviet space (EvoSwitch), and are located in countries with very loyal legislation, which will allow launching projects of the broadest focus.

And finally, a soul-warming graph of the channel load of one of our 10-gigabit clients that uses this script: