Meet Steam Machines - New Valve Game Consoles

As expected, the second announcement this week was the game console. After SteamOS, it was not hard to guess. True Valve and this time managed to soriginalichat and decided to distribute the console for free. You will not get bored with them.

Generally speaking, Steam Machines are not consoles, but their drawings. It’s known from Gabe Newell’s previous words that steam engines will fall into three categories: “good”, “abruptly” and “coolest”. Different versions of the system will be optimized for different parameters: small size, reasonable price, low noise, etc. Cars from the first category will cost about a hundred dollars like OUYA and are designed to play casual games or broadcast games from more powerful computers.

A device from the second category is already closer to the real SteamBox, it will be produced by Valve itself, it will cost about three hundred dollars like other "large" consoles. In the meantime, its prototype is handed out free to Steam users for beta testing. In total, three hundred devices will be distributed this year. To get to the beta test and get the treasured console you need to complete the quest:
До 25 октября, зайдите в Steam и посетите страницу квеста , чтобы проверить статус вашего квеста на участие в бета-тесте.
1. Присоединитесь к группе сообщества Steam Universe
2. Примите Соглашение бета-теста устройств Steam
3. Добавьте 10 друзей в Steam (если у вас их еще нет)
4. Создайте открытый профиль в сообществе Steam (если еще не создали)
5. Сыграйте в любую игру при помощи контроллера в режиме Big Picture

It is recommended that you leave your wishes and feedback during the beta test on Steam Universe , so if you are not lucky to be among the lucky ones with free consoles, you can read all the details there.

Consoles from the third category will be given to production for everyone, configurations that exceed the second category will fall into it, in fact it will be a regular tricked-out PC. At the moment, Valve has already agreed with a couple of dozens of iron producers, so Steam Machines will be available soon.

Technical specifications of the devices are not yet known, but will be published in the near future. At the beginning of last year, Valve focused on the Core i7 processor, 8 gigabytes of memory and graphics from NVIDIA, as we see they decided to slightly change a number of models, but the characteristics of the second category are unlikely to differ much from the Sony and Microsoft consoles. There are no photos of the devices either, maybe they will look like a prototype on the left, walking on the Internet earlier this year.

SteamOS will be installed inside Steam Machines, but no one bothers putting anything else there. Valve remained true to herself and decided to extend the policy of free modifications, which is observed in their games, to new consoles and the operating system. As they say on the site, the device can be hacked, changed components, installed any programs, even used to create a robot. Or vice versa, you can not buy the device ready, but assemble it according to the drawings and put SteamOS there, which will be especially interesting for open source adherents, because the sources of the new operating system will soon become available.

In principle, the idea of ​​consoles in the form of technical specifications makes sense. In some ways, even brilliant, because Steam Machines will have a wide price range and will be able to compete with all consoles at once: both small and large. Developers will know what hardware they will be guided by, but users are not limited in expanding the system. The consoles always had problems with the upgrade, and it is not known how long it will last, for example, 8 gigabytes of RAM in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In addition, there are a lot of examples when craftsmen came up with something cool that the original developers did not initially provide for. The openness of the system greatly contributes to this. Maybe in the future SteamOS will even have its own Cyanogenmod.

Let me remind you that the whole appearance of the Big Picture mode began for Steam, then Steam ported to Linux . Also, a lot of noise was made this year by the Xi3 Piston that appeared after a short collaboration with Valve. In addition, company representatives have repeatedly stated that they are experimenting with hardware and game controllers with biometrics. Finally, on Monday, Valve rolled out SteamOS . Then anyone will understand where everything is going.

Another announcement is expected this week. What surprise did Valve have? Steam Machines has a hint:
Следите за новостями — у нас есть еще, что сказать на тему устройств ввода.

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