Windows Camp 3: how it was + new courses on MVA

Just a couple of weeks ago, on September 12, we held the third (already traditional) Windows Camp , which brought together more than 500 participants on site and more than 25,000 online. Many thanks to everyone who listened to us, watched us, talked with us and supported us on social networks!

The very first Windows Camp was dedicated to the first preview versions of Windows 8, on the second we shared key information on the eve of the final versions of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 (this was a year ago).

The third campaign has grown both in the amount of content and on the topic: 4 tracks, more than 20 reports, added Windows Azure and, as always, the latest information, which should help you keep abreast of the latest market trends and prepare in time for the release of the final version of Windows 8.1. We also used the experience of our partnership summit events (for example, Windows 8 Summit) and added panel discussions, in which our partners shared their experience in developing for Microsoft platforms.

The content part traditionally began with the opening, on which Alexander Lozhechkin told in which direction Microsoft is heading and how remarkably our ecosystem is growing.

We are also pleased that Windows 8 in Russia is growing at an active pace and, according to LiveInternet, has already stepped over the bar of 2.6 million users accessing the Internet daily!

It should be noted and excellent indicative results of many of our partners, here are a few such examples:
  • VKontakte’s audience on Windows Phone is already more than 700 thousand people
  • every day , and over the past 6 months the audience has tripled;
  • Smesharikov’s application on Windows Phone has 30% more installations than on iOS, and twice as many internal purchases than on Android;
  • JoyBits' Doodle God God and Doodle Devil games have over 2.5 million installations on Windows platforms;
  • GameInsight's My Country game, released in November, has over 1.7 million installations, and Rule the Kingdom, released in the summer, has already crossed the half-million threshold;
  • The popular Chaos Control application has higher profitability on Windows platforms than on Android, and users of Windows platforms use in-app purchases even more actively than on iOS!

And we lit a light bulb through Windows Azure!

Viewers in online, by the way, actively tried to take control of the light bulb :)
After the opening, separate conference tracks began to work, during which our partners, internal and external experts began to share:
* their experience and first results (by the way, I recommend everyone to watch this carefully session about business with applications):
* innovations in Windows 8.1 for users:
* new ways of monetization (hello to our friends at PayOnline!):
* experience and earning with Windows Azure:
* corporate development features:

* sorrows and pains of developers (here Stas says that we heard you):
* by phone photo-camera-innovations:
* magic and tricks:
* as well as practices of monetization and promotion:
And very, very, very much more than that!

At the same time, the exhibition area worked, in which it was possible not only to hang out, but
* to watch live devices on Windows 8.1:
* try on your own new Nokia phones:
* control the ball from the phone:
* chat with our Windows Azure experts:
* or specialists in Visual Studio:

* give an interview to our correspondents from the fields:
* and, of course, take pictures with your favorite tiles!

The remaining photos are available in our group on Facebook .

Many thanks to everyone who helped make Windows Camp!

Entries and Courses

Recordings of reports are traditionally available on TechDays .

We also prepared the main reports in the form of courses for MVA (our main platform for learning online, in which you can not only watch the records, but also confirm your knowledge, earning points and achievements).


1. New features for developing applications with Windows 8.1 (XAML)
2. New features for developing applications with Windows 8.1 (HTML)

Windows phone

1. Advanced Development Features for Windows Phone 8

Windows azure

1. Security and authentication in modern applications using Window Azure
2. Organization of a cloud environment for developing and testing applications
3. Introduction to the development of modern applications with Windows Azure for beginners