YouTube starts supporting comments via Google+

Comments on YouTube are famous for their low quality, abuse and spam. Google has taken a radical solution to this problem and decided to transfer the comments to the Google+ platform . Starting this week, it will be possible to leave a comment for some videos after authorization in a social network.

On the one hand, this is an unpopular measure - not all people have Google+ accounts. On the other hand, it really helps to improve the quality of comments.

For the first time, comments via Google+ will only be shown along with regular comments in some videos. But before the end of this year, the option will be available for all videos.

Here's what a new type of comment looks like with Gmail-style threads:
Along with switching to Google+ authorization, comments on YouTube will begin to be more intelligently processed. For example, in the top of the best, right below the videos, comments from the author, famous characters and people from your Google+ circles will be shown.

You can leave comments on videos that will be visible only to your friends, but not to the entire public.

Authors of the video will receive new moderation tools: preview comments, keyword blocking and automatic whitelisting.