Erlang plugin for IntelliJ IDEA version 0.5

Hi, Habr!

Today a new version of Erlang plugin for IntelliJ IDEA has appeared .

What's new?

7 months have passed since the , which means that a lot of new things awaits you:
  • New and improved refactorings: introduce function, extract / inline variable and others
  • New inspections: unresolved include / include_lib, unresolved function and others
  • Code navigation: included files, test results, callbacks
  • IntelliJ-based development environment compatibility enhancements
  • Expanded support for color schemes and formatting, including support for comma-first style
  • EUnit support: running tests from the editor, restarting dropped tests
  • Improved auto-completion for attributes, functions and modules
  • Improved project build: debug_info, parse_transforms, behaviours, build using Rebar
  • Debugger (experimental)
  • And much more




Autocomplete in include_lib

Include completion

Testing with EUnit