Google Street View got to the Large Hadron Collider


Want to see the CERN laboratory in Geneva, where the Large Hadron Collider is installed , from the inside? Then you were lucky because Google added images from CERN premises to its Google Maps service. You can peer into laboratories, control centers and underground tunnels. We consider the Big Hadron Collider itself, the 7000-ton ATLAS and ALICE detector and the heavy ion detector on the LHC ring the view .

To create these images, the Google team worked with CERN for two whole weeks, in 2011. In recent years, Google has been a complete mess when it comes to Street View. A couple of weeks ago, the service launched a 360-degree tour of the Galapagos Islands ; two days earlier, panoramas from Moto X production sites were added to Street View , and in August Google added one of the best zoos in the world to the service .

Enjoy the view .