Larry Ellison's Oracle Team USA wins America's Cup

Larry Ellison's Oracle Team USA team won the 34th America's Cup this week. The situation in the current regatta was absolutely dramatic - the main competitors of Oracle, the Emirates Team New Zealand team, were in the lead with a score of 8-1 and they had to win only once, but eight victories in a row still allowed Oracle Team USA to win the championship, which they already named one of the most interesting sporting events in history.

The Oracle yacht itself is a 24 meter hydrofoil catamaran with sails 40 meters high, capable of speeds of more than 80 km / h - what kind of magic I don’t understand, but it is actually ahead of the wind! ( UPD : In the comments provided a link to the article " Popular Mechanics ", which explains the physics of the process.) It cost about $ 10 million to build it, but Allison invested 10 times more in related research and development - according to him, it took about 100 million.
" What is surprising about this boat, it’s so that it can soar on these tiny pieces of carbon fiber, "says skipper Jimi Spiefil." This boat is the most advanced technology, and we bring it to the limit. We try to stay hydrofoil when maneuvering. It's hard, but how as soon as a boat stands on them, it’s like a “turbo” button in a car - it just takes off. It’s very cool. ”
In fact, two yachts were built - all solutions were worked out on one,
those same hydrofoils.

A year ago, the yacht turned over and suffered greatly.

America's Cup is the oldest international competition that was founded in 1851 - twenty years earlier than the FA Cup and 45 years earlier than the first modern Olympic Games.