Poll: how much of the actual amount of flash drive in your smartphone / phone is claimed?

I don’t know how to better formulate the headline, so let it be so for now.

Here you have a flash drive on, say, 16 GB in your smartphone / communicator. Whether built-in, whether separately purchased. But did you ever really need all of its volume? Three quarters? Half? That is, if you have a 32 GB flash drive, but you have never scored more than 8, the actual demand is 8 GB.

It is interesting to hear how much memory the flash drive really needs for you, and what it is doing with you, what are the use cases (movies, music in FLAC, comics, regular hundreds of photos, etc.).

We are talking exclusively about smartphones and phones, tablets are not taken into account. If you have several phones on hand (for tests, whether in stock or not) - we will focus exclusively on your current, current device.

Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

Really claimed memory capacity of a flash drive in your phone

  • 6.7% 1 GB or less 568
  • 7.5% 2 636
  • 13.3% 4 GB 1125
  • 24.1% 8 GB 2038
  • 25.9% 16 GB 2192
  • 15.4% 32 GB 1303
  • 3.1% 64 GB 262
  • 4.0% more than 64 GB 340