Valve's Last Week Announcement - New Game Controllers

Hot stood out week! Valve unveiled a new Linux- based operating system on Monday , and teased new consoles on Wednesday . Today, Valve intends to consolidate its success with the release of game controllers , but, as always, they decided to go their own way and did not copy other people's interfaces based on gestures and body movements. They rely on accuracy, tactility and feedback. This time they even went broke for a couple of renderings.

The new controller has two high-resolution trackpad buttons that outperform competitors ’analog sticks. Responsiveness and convenience are promised no worse than a computer mouse, even in shooting games. Game developers do not even need any special modifications, the controller has a compatibility mode that allows it to impersonate a mouse and keyboard.

Even more surprisingly, two linear resonant drives are built into the trackpads that provide super-accurate tactile feedback. They are capable of a wide range of power and vibration, they even allow you to play sound through them like through speakers. A special API will give precise control over the frequency, amplitude and direction of their movement.

In the center of the gamepad is a high-resolution touch screen. It can not only give out information, but also works like a button. Unlike Wii U, the player’s eyes do not have to run between two screens - when the player touches the controller’s screen, his image is duplicated on top of the game on the main screen, allowing the player to focus entirely on the game.

In total, the controller has sixteen buttons, which is comparable to the Xbox gamepad, but at the same time it looks incomparably more elegant. Still, analog sticks often get in the way, but this will not happen with trackpads. And pay attention to the two buttons on the back, little fingers and nameless ones will also have to be trained.

The openness policy also affected the controller: “We plan to publish tools with which users can participate in all aspects of controller development, from industrial design to electrical engineering.”

Controller layout for Portal 2
Controllers will also participate in the beta test as well as Steam Machines, and if you have not signed up for the test, you can do it here . The first controllers will be wired and with four buttons instead of the screen. Simultaneously with the sending of prototypes, the first version of the API for developers will be opened, which will allow integrating the Steam Controller into their games.

For the past year and a half, Valve has experimented with integrating biometric data into the gameplay. For example, in Left 4 Dead, depending on the player's stress, the frequency of monster attacks was adjusted. Sweat pens? Get ready to fight off a new wave of zombies. No less interesting was done with Portal 2: they added control with the help of eyes. Apparently, the accuracy of biometrics did not satisfy them and they decided to go the other way.

Next week, Steam Universe will publish detailed information about all the new products and talk about the development and prototyping process.