Smoothieboard - 32-bit CNC controller for 3D printers, laser cutters and milling machines

Kickstarter again delighted lovers of 3D printing by announcing the Smoothieboard project. This board is designed to replace the RAMPS, Sanguinololu, and Generation Electronics, which are used as 3D printer controllers. While most modern Open Source Hardware electronics use 8-bit AVR microcontrollers (including Arduino), the Smoothieboard has a 32-bit ARM (LPC1768 Cortex-M3), which allows it to make fast and smooth movements, giving more accurate math and deep planning. In addition, the firmware of the device is modular and easily modifiable.
And the price, depending on the version, ranges from 100 to 185 US dollars.


The device can be controlled via USB (console and file access), or a web face by connecting an Ethernet cable, or by inserting a microSD card with a G-code recorded on it.
Print settings can be changed simply by connecting via USB and editing the settings file.


Since 2010, the project has got a good community.
  1. IRC: (#smoothieware @
  2. Mailing list
  3. : andhttp: //

Technical performance

  1. Stepper motor controllers are cooled by a printed circuit board with extensive copper coating areas
  2. All main connectors and contacts are located on the board borders, for ease of connection
  3. Digital control of the current settings of the stepper motor allows you to forget about measuring the current with a potentiometer, and simply register the necessary in the configuration file


As mentioned earlier, the firmware here is modular, i.e. adding new functionality just add a new section to the configuration file.


Smoothie is friendly. He speaks the same language as RepRap (Marlin / Sprinter), as well as the good old GRBL. Those. if you used them before, then all your software will work with this board, which is called “out of the box”.


Extensive documentation is available at .

Data sheet

Microcontroller NXP LPC176x:
  • 96MHz - 120MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 Core, 64KB RAM, 512KB Flash

Allegro A4982 Bipolar Stepper Motor:
  • up to 24V 2A microstepping 16x, digital current control
  • from 3 to 5 drivers depending on configuration

Up to six field effect transistors:
  • 3 supports up to 24V 5A and another 3 up to 24V 12A for controlling external devices such as hotends, fans and heated beds.
  • the 3X version has two small ones, 4X two large and one small, and 5X 3 large and 3 small MOS transistors

Many expansion options: 4 connectors for thermistors, 6 ports endstop, SPI, I2C, UART.
USB, microSD slot, Ethernet.
Easy setup:
  1. Parameters are taken from the configuration file without the need to recompile
  2. The update supports binary files that also do not require re-copying
  3. Concurrent file and console access via USB

Picking options

Board Types:
  1. 3X ($ 100) and 3XC ($ 125) are suitable for laser cutters, small milling machines such as ShapeOkos. They have 3 stepper motor controllers, two small MOS transistors and do not have an Ethernet connector
  2. 4X ($ 130) and 4XC ($ 150) are suitable for single-extruder 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC machines. They have 4 controllers, two large and small MOS transistors and an Ethernet port.
  3. 5X ($ 160) and 5XC ($ 185) is enough for 3D printers with two extruders and complex experimental models. They have 5 controllers, an Ethernet port, and 3 large and small MOS transistors each.

X and XC configurations differ from each other only in that in XC all connectors and connectors are already soldered to the board.


By December 20, delivery of all copies should be completed. The cost of international delivery is $ 15
UPDATE. The required amount was collected within 48 hours.