3D printer helps blind children search for objects on the Internet


In Japan's school for the blind, the Internet is no longer just a visual tool. Japanese Yahoo has made searching on the Internet even possible for blind children. Together with the creative agency Hakuhodo Kettle , Yahoo developed a device called Hands On Search, which is half a 3D printer and half computer - it will build everything you ask.

For example, children in a special needs education school for people with visual impairments can go up to Hands On Search and say, “Giraffe” or “ Tokyo Skytree Building ”. Then the machine, using the Yahoo search engine, finds an image of the object and prints out a miniature version of it. According to the Yahoo Japan site, Hands On Search will make an online request for more information if the image cannot be found. At the Japanese office of Yahoo! They say that they do not plan to commercialize the device, moreover, they donated it to the school for free until mid-October.

“After that, we plan to donate the car to an organization that will use it as a school for the visually impaired,” said Kazuaki Hashida, creative director of Hakuhodo Kettle. “So far, we are deciding which organization is best suited. We will solve it by the end of October. ”

And what effect could the Hands On Search device have if the technology were expanded?