Give gadgets beautiful and different

The festive marathon continues. The time has come for the beautiful half to receive gifts. We are of the opinion that gifts should be given not only on February 23 or March 8. But still, if there is some kind of official date, holiday - why not pay tribute to tradition and please relatives or colleagues?

What to give a girl on March 8, except flowers? Let's try to find a solution.

Pic-Pad LCD Drawing Pad

Pic-Pad is a great gift for a little lady. This is a drawing tablet equipped with an LCD touch screen with a touch sensor and a stylus. The pressure sensor allows you to adjust the thickness of the lines, and you can erase the pattern with the click of a button.

In the menu, you can select a color, as well as a tool, including an eraser. In order not to erase the picture accidentally, the tablet has a screen lock function. It itself is small (slightly smaller than A4 sheet), so the Pic-Pad can be taken with you on any trip.

In fact, the tablet is an improved (due to the LCD screen) board “Write-erase”, the peak of popularity of which occurred in the 90s.

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Levitating lamp LeSvet

A spectacular gift for everyone who loves unusual things. This lamp will serve as a wonderful decoration for both office and home. Its feature is the absence of wires at the lamp itself. It floats in the air thanks to magnetic levitation and this impresses everyone, including the owners. Getting used to such a lamp is difficult, but possible.

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Battery-powered XD Collection electric wine corkscrew

A corkscrew may seem like a strange gift, but if you think about it, then for women it’s a great option. After all, a classic corkscrew often does not obey fragile female hands. And even if a girl drinks wine very rarely, sometimes gatherings with friends and girlfriends happen when wine is almost an obligatory attribute. The usual corkscrew is not very convenient, but the electric one from the XD Collection on batteries unscrews the cork from the bottle with one touch in just 8 seconds.

The corkscrew discount is 20% .

Laptop Backpack up to 14 inches XD Design Bobby Compact

And again, our favorite Bobby. By the way, he meets so often in our selections because we walk with him most of the office (and now also friends, relatives, acquaintances). And if you are looking for a backpack, then you can count on the fact that the XD Design Bobby Compact is the perfect option.

The backpack is anti-vandal, it is difficult to cut or open it. It fits a 14-inch laptop, as well as several gadgets and the most necessary things. It is small, which means girls will appreciate it. Moreover, there are 5 bright colors for every taste.

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Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Kit Smart Lighting System

A smart lighting system is ideal for updating the interior. Nanoleaf is a collection of 9 RGBW LED panels. The panels are made in the form of triangles and from them you can lay out different geometric shapes, even on the ceiling, at least on the walls. The modular design allows you to assemble up to 30 panels. Power is supplied to only one panel, and then along the chain it is transmitted along all the others.

Control panels made from a mobile device iOS or Android. In addition, you can purchase the Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm music module and then the panels will be able to adapt to the beats and rhythms of the music playing in the room (depending on the volume, rhythm and bits, the frequency of the shade changes and the brightness of the panels change). All together, it looks epic and captivates those present in the room: it was tested on Madrobots employees, who only a month later learned to calmly walk past the miracle panels.

In honor of the holiday, a discount on the Nanoleaf panel is 10% .

Sleep Tracker Sleepace Sleep Dot B502T

Want to know how good or bad you sleep? Then you should try the Sleepace Sleep Dot B502T. To get started, you need to attach it to a pillow and connect it to a mobile application, after which it will do the rest. What exactly will do? It will analyze the quality of sleep, measure movement, cycles and continuation of sleep. The device has speakers that, if desired, can play music, helping to fall asleep in the evening and wake up in the morning.

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QardioBase scales + QardioArm tonometer

This is a whole “set of health” for a person who would like to know what condition the body is in. So, Qardio QardioBase smart scales measure the most important indicators: BMI, body weight, ratios of various types of tissues. Weight indicators are shown in kilograms, pounds or stones. Data is sent to a mobile phone, in its own application.

Well, the QardioArm tonometer helps fight problems of the cardiovascular system. It is designed primarily for periodic use throughout the day. During measurements, you can add information about where it was made (office, beach, gym, etc.). As in the previous case, all data is transmitted wirelessly to the mobile application.

This bundle has a 30% discount (here without a code). It is relevant when buying two white devices.

And what will you give dear and beloved on March 8?