Discussions about the game design of VR games

Under the cut some thoughts on the features of the game design of games in virtual reality. I will be very glad to discuss in the comments what limitations and opportunities modern gamers provide to the game designer.

Short game session . Duration 10-20 minutes, after which nausea, fatigue, and other problems begin. Therefore, in my opinion, it is strange to do the same poker or casino simulator in virtual reality, because they imply a long gaming session. And so for many genres, virtual reality is now not the best solution precisely due to the fact that at the current level of development of VR technology, it implies only 10-20 minutes of continuous stay for the average user.

We need to think more about user security . VR features mean that the player’s active actions such as rolls, jumps, bounces, wide arms, etc. may result in equipment damage and personal injury. And for example, the sudden appearance of faces of mutilated people / monsters, accompanied by a loud scream, will scare much more than in a movie or in a game on any other platform. We must be careful with this.

A problem with motion sickness in VR . All mechanics have to be considered in order to minimize user nausea.

Entry and exit from virtual reality . The WoW effect and immersion will be better if the player explains the way out of ordinary life and getting into the virtual space. This can be teleportation, moving in transport (or on an elevator like in Robo Recall), gradually loading a location, flying through stars at hyper speeds, etc.

Controllers . Since the controllers are different from those familiar to the user, the requirements for training are higher, including training in using controllers as part of our game. It should also be borne in mind that controllers have the ability to use reverse tactile feedback.

There is no free-to-play with the ability to conveniently conduct microtransactions.

A lot of special requirements for interfaces . For example, if in the shooter to show the number of lives and ammo in the lower or upper corner. then the player will eventually earn strabismus. Therefore, you have to indicate the same number of cartridges on the weapon itself.

The player more closely associates himself with the character in VR games compared to regular games. Therefore, you have to pay more attention to how the player will react to a particular game design solution while in VR. Since he perceives everything that is happening in the game more strongly than on other platforms, the reaction may be different for us as well.

Special requirements for the implementation of mechanics of movement . For example, a teleport both through static portals and through a controller to any place, moving through controlling some kind of transport, moving a stick on the controller, and so on.

Problems with Retention .

What other features of game design when creating games for VR? Let's discuss in the comments.