The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 243 (February 26 — March 4)

In our first spring digest, the continuation of the history of Micro-Mathematics, the study of Swift in 60 seconds, Unit tests and animations, interfaces, Flutter, ARCore and guidelines for mobile marketers. All spring!

Math package for Android Micro-Math: what's new?

In this short article I want to introduce a new version of the application, which is now being prepared for release, and also to share all the positive that was received as part of the work on the release.

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(+29) We train on cats: modifying collections and tables in iOS
(+14) Parallel programming in Swift: Operations
(+8) Summarizing table animation in iOS applications
Swift in 60 seconds
Development plan for iOS developer
Vulkan arrives on iOS
image Metal tutorial in Swift 3
image Push notifications in iOS and how to work with them
image Registration and login in iOS application on Firebase in 15 minutes
(+23) Guide for Android background work. Part 2: Loaders
(+20) MOSDROID # 5 Boron in the office of video speeches
(+12) Android data migration tools and improved application support
(+12) “Dagger-Android & AAC” or “shove non-pushable”
Google released ARCore version 1.0
image Android Dev Podcast. Issue 57. Test Automation. Unit tests
image Android architectural components with Firebase
image Deep immersion in Android architectural components
image Custom View at 60 frames per second
image 7 libraries that every Android developer should know about
image What is GraphQL and how to use it in Android
image We create a library for Android
image Test applications by killing them
image Continuous Integration & Deployment for Android applications
image Use TensorFlow on Android: a step-by-step guide
image Add a picture-in-picture to the application
image Change the architecture of the application without rewriting it
image Mango: Android application for Dribbble
image Lynket: an open browser for Android
image Long Shadows: a library for long shadows
(+26) Custom animations in a mobile application
(+12) Designer, close Sketch! Knowledge of UX / UI is not a guarantee of a successful career
(+10) 11 more useful tools for developers and designers with Product Hunt
(+5) History of one automation project, or how to implement a mixed accounting of fixed assets using one tool
(+5) ) Implementation of a prototype of mobile / web clients and server for enterprise equipment control system
Personal experience in developing a “Whatsapp analog” in 4 months
SketchAR School: how to teach computer vision to understand drawing
Luna and the visual way to create programs
10 tips for creating a better interface
From three failed projects to 1,200 users per week
What many technical managers do not so
When to remove a hamburger menu from your product
Podlodka # 48: Startups
Google released the first beta Flutter
LovePlanet launches dating application designer
image How to get paid for Open Source
image Flutter: how to make a simple application in an hour
• To do image list on React Native
image Introduction to Flutter
Analytics, marketing and monetization
Report on the cost of advertising in applications and games from SOOMLA for the 1st quarter 2018
Average conversion to installation for applications from AppFollow Benchmark
Advertising in games: how it works and how to make it better
Mobile Landmarks 2018: Adjust report
Advertising in voice assistants in Russia and Western countries
image How users look for applications in the App Store
AI, Devices, IoT
(+86) Two models are better than one. Experience of Yandex.Translator
(+48) Random evolutionary strategies in machine learning
(+27) Internet of things: from backend design to energy absorption
(+27) Real-time object classification
(+15) Reinforcement training never worked
(+11) Cybersecurity for drivers: how to avoid cyber attacks on connected cars?
Google opens a training site and course on artificial intelligence
Intel has released a board to accelerate the operation of neural networks
• We will play Quidditch with the TensorFlow Object Detection API
Cars of the future will sell your data
image Generation of levels for playing using a neural network
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