Emotion AI and emotional technology: Neurodata Lab conference and NRU ITMO

March 30, 2018 Neurodata Lab LLC and NRU ITMO will hold a one-day conference in St. Petersburg (an event in Moscow is also planned for the near future), dedicated to the Emotion AI industry, its features and prospects.

Registration is available here .

A preliminary announcement is given below in the body of the publication.



Emotional artificial intelligence, technology for automatic recognition of emotions and human behavior is an interdisciplinary field of research that transformed in the 2010s into a full-fledged, booming industry. In fact, we are talking about a new technological market, which is developing thanks to the effective interaction of academic science with the technology business and venture capital. The active participation of Russian start-ups and laboratories in it, as well as the open opportunities for research and business collaborations, will allow us to successfully scale innovative technological solutions and integrate emotional technologies into various industry contexts.

Blocks of reports are supposed in a number of areas:

  1. Introductory block: Emotion AI from the point of view of science, Emotion AI as a new technology market, Neuronet government funding programs, ITMO technology park and other infrastructure in St. Petersburg;
  2. Project block: brief presentations by startups and laboratories;
  3. Technical block: Emotion AI through the prism of ML / CV approaches;
  4. Block of open initiatives: Emotion AI platform and AI hub from Neurodata Lab, open source project of NRU ITMO with FEFU “Neurotechnologies, VR / AR”, etc.
  5. Discussion and questions.

The program of the event will be published later on the website of NRU ITMO.