Do not deny yourself anything: we give carte blanche to uncensored reviews about our events in our blog

Is it good or bad when the vacancy itself becomes the bone of contention, but the right to exist? The announcement of tomorrow’s Moscow job seeker tournament, Software Engineering Manager, suddenly became a " place for discussion ."

And the discussions are so sharp that it became clear that the topic should not be abandoned. However, we will crawl under the hood of the “crossover” hierarchy of posts, sort out completed projects and daily duties of employees. But it’s better to see once, and even better to take part, than to hear a hundred times. Therefore, we offer the challenge to the habrayusers: those of you who have seen or will see us - tell the truth about us on the pages of this blog without cuts.

At each of our tournaments, you can already find a couple of users of Habr or Giktayms. Perhaps, one of the members of the habracommunity has already signed up for tomorrow's tournament? If yes - please send to Alsou at a link to your habraprofil from the mail to which you registered (or register) for the tournament. And leave a comment from this profile in the comments on this post.

To everyone who does this, we publicly promise “airtime” right on our corporate blog: you can post any feedback about tomorrow's Hiring Tournament in our next crossover offline post. It is up to you to decide which text (which does not violate the Habr’s rules and the laws of the Russian Federation) will be released under your blog post on our blog - regardless of the complementarity of the feedback for us , regardless of the results of the tournament for you. No one except UFOs can touch comments - and cannot erase notes about your intentions and our promise.

However, the tournament

However, the Crossover tournament will not become, suddenly, a hub meeting - our customers simply will not understand us. And we still, regardless of your presence on Habré, invite only those who meet the requirements of the vacancy of Software Engineering Manager:

  • Higher education in the field of IT.
  • Over 5 years of experience managing several teams across various products and technologies.
  • This is a managerial role of an international level for a person who already has experience in managing teams.
  • Ability to focus on software development experience instead of product management.
  • Proven experience building high-performing teams and scalable development best practices.
  • 5 years of experience in the practical development of C ++, Java or .NET architecture and programming.
  • Relevant experience with DevOps and cloud architecture. We literally live in a cloud.
  • Experience with high-performance corporate systems deployed in the infrastructures of large corporations.

How many people will be employed?

The current demand for Software Engineering Manager is huge. Of the 64 Crossover customers, nine have at least one open SEM position. “No less” is sometimes very much “more” - 27 vacancies at Software Engineering Manager are now open in Aurea Software alone. Like our other clients, these are international teams, on average only 10% Russian-speaking.

How long can the employment process take?

The tournament itself will take only four hours of your Saturday. And from Monday, as we summarize the first results of the tournament, we will begin to lay out the best according to the results of the participants on the internal marketplace for our customers.

Further, it all depends on the attractiveness of the applicant - some strong specialists received offers in a few hours. Otherwise, the hiring process depends on both sides. A successfully completed tournament and interview leads to an employment offer with all the consequences. The positive result of tomorrow's tournament will make it possible to work on large international projects with a payment of $ 100 thousand per year (~ 474,000 rubles per month).

Therefore, good luck in the tournament to our applicants. And, of course, we hope that we can read and post your unbiased views from the outside. See you!