Go 1.10 Release Party @ Badoo: how it was. Video, photos, reviews

Hello, Habr!

On February 24th, we hosted the Go 1.10 Release Party @ Badoo to celebrate the latest release. Thanks to everyone who was with us! If you missed the community meeting, under the cut you can see video of speeches, slides, a few reviews and a photo report.

“New in Go 1.10” - Alexey Palazhchenko (Percona)

Alexey explained in detail what to expect from the new release: what changes in the language and in the ports, in the compiler and in the tools, in the runtime and in the standard library, and, of course, in the speed of work.


Guest reviews:

«Интересная подача, хорошо прошёлся по всем новинкам».
«Динамично и по делу о довольно скучных технических вещах».

“RPC traffic sniffing for fun and profit” - Marco Kevac mkevac (Badoo)

Marco told how we have so far “sniffed” our binary protocol using wireshark and a self-written “dissector”, and now we plan to use the fashionable “dissector” on Go. The report includes the guts of protocol buffers, the magic of generating, parsing Go-code and reflect.


Guest reviews

«Очень интересная и незаезженная тема, личный опыт, уверенный рассказ, юмор. На мой взгляд, лучший доклад».
«Очень жизненная, "живая" история. И отличный финал».

“Graceful Shutdown in Go-services and how to make friends with Kubernetes” - Artemy Ryabinkov (Avito)

Artemy spoke about approaches to the safe shutdown of multi-threaded programs on Go, in particular, how to control goroutines and manage them. He explained why during the rollout of services in Kubernetes users can get many errors, and also showed how Kubernetes works inside, and why it does not allow seamless rollout of services.


Guest reviews

«Тоже очень жизненно, но из этой истории я еще и интересный пакет errgroup вынес для себя».
«Sleep 5 — это шедеврально!»

“Introduction to Testing at Go” - Alexey Makhov (Avito)

From the basics and testing package to more sophisticated tools, practices and tips & tricks.


Guest reviews

«Качественный обзор, широкий охват материала. Алексей вдохновлён темой, уверен в необходимости тестирования, вовлеченно и аргументированно отвечал на вопросы».

Photos are on our Facebook and VKontakte . The entire mitap playlist is on our YouTube channel .

See you soon!