When a business grows: virtual numbers in DEF format

Earlier we talked about the use of virtual numbers in the DEF format with cloud IP-PBX. New business cases that have appeared confirm that this simple scheme is highly demanded for various tasks, and the low cost of operation often determines the choice in its favor. Today we would like to describe the successful experience of one of the companies operating in the market for sales of ready-made businesses and franchises.


Business expansion

The company provides services in the field of sale of ready-made businesses: shops, car washes, hotels, beauty salons, clinics. Over time, business needs began to grow, it was necessary to expand the presence in the regions, reliable communications and accessibility for potential customers. At some point, it became obvious to the management that the volume of applications began to exceed the bandwidth of their telephone infrastructure. Despite the fact that the company, of course, has other communication channels. Ultimately, providing the departments responsible for processing requests and conducting transactions with the required number of inexpensive multi-channel numbers and automation tools was valuable if it led to a decrease in the number of lost calls and accelerated the process of bringing the transaction to its conclusion.

Buisness process

Company brokers receive applications for the sale / purchase of a business and directly through an incoming call. However, a large number of preliminary applications comes from a site where a potential customer can fill out a form without first contacting a “live seller” with a preliminary indication of the possible amount of investment, as well as from advertisements on various specialized resources, thus initiating a callback from the company. The company's own call center works both in the mode of receiving calls and answering calls based on the results of requests and connects them with brokers for preliminary discussion of requirements and planning further actions.

Switching to a cloud-based PBX with additional professional solutions for a call center, integration with CRM and connecting many DEF numbers

The company introduces a cloud-based PBX into its business communications solutions and connects many DEF numbers to distribute them in announcements at different sites and in different regions with the ability to track activity on them. Since the numbers are multi-channel, they expand the system capacity for processing calls. For outgoing calls in the regions, such a number can be used to broadcast Caller ID if there is no office with a local fixed number. Zeon's advanced IP-PBX functionality allows the call center manager to manage call queues, reducing customer waiting time, and automatically dialing customers. And the integration of telephony with the existing CRM allows you to record the entire amount of information on the client, including call records, controlling the process of the transaction.

SMS alert

DEF numbers allow the call center to adjust outgoing campaigns and call back at another time based on received automatic or manually sent SMS messages. If the client is not ready to communicate, he can answer automatic SMS on his phone. This simple service becomes available precisely thanks to virtual numbers. SMS is sent first to our SMS gateway, and then to the predetermined e-mail address (s) in the form of emails.

See which SMS they receive:
- This subscriber wants to contact you. You can call him back by dialing 79181234567. With care for you, MTS.
- This user is available again. You can call him. Beeline
- This subscriber is available for a call.
- I can’t answer on the way
- Call me back, please.

This makes it easier to find a customer. There are very mobile clients that can be difficult to catch.

Well, do not forget that in many services, registration confirmation is done via SMS. You can bind our DEF to any service (if there are no additional restrictions).


Since DEF numbers are distinguished by their affordable price, the customer can quite easily solve the issues of the necessary expansion of the number base. In a short time, the company has twice "replenished" the required number of rooms with the emergence of new resources for advertising.

Possibility to use with FMC solution

For some of its employees, the company ordered IP-SIM cards for use in mobile phones. Someone uses cards with access to the public access network through the PBX and the general number of the company, in the same way they receive an incoming call, i.e. to an internal number in a corporate telephone exchange. But for some brokers, a DEF number is set up on IP-SIM cards, which allows customers to call them directly. In the latter case, the broker can also receive automatic SMS messages on his mobile phone about the client’s busyness or readiness to talk.

So, for a B2B selling company with a regional presence, a solution with a cloud PBX and virtual numbers in the DEF format can be very effective due to:

  • low cost solutions;
  • full integration with cloud services such as CRM systems;
  • the ability to reduce the time of conclusion of the transaction due to the production functions of automatic telephone exchanges for call centers and the ability to process automatic incoming SMS messages.

You can right now pick up a virtual number on the iptelefon.su website , as well as familiarize yourself with our Zeon IP-PBX (there is a cloud version).

Thanks for your attention!