Design at CodeFest: Thinking, Development and Culture

While the program committee brought a hand over the button for the early closure of registration, we are in a hurry to talk about the user-friendly section of CodeFest 2018 . Talk about design.


What is the design section about

Traditionally about products and product design. Let's talk about the importance of developing a design culture in a company. We will share the experience of quick launch of projects in the media. And also consider the problem of the development and formation of a designer. Seven reports on the second day.

About trust and culture

How to build a dialogue and understand that solving a design task is often the result of the ability to negotiate, rather than the whim of the designer.

image Kristina Ostrovaya from about design culture
“How we go to the transparency of the designer’s work in the product team and how programmers have joined this process. How, with the help of theories and practices, they influenced colleagues and the work of the company as a whole. It was difficult, but interesting and useful, and I’ll tell you about it ”

About Thinking and Evolution

We will determine our level, understand what to do in order to move on and grow, and also touch on the eternal theme of the struggle for decent products.

image Egor Gilev from Wrike about 5 stages of the designer
’s evolution
“There are times when the linear growth is not enough on the way of the designer’s development. It's not that you need to think better, but that you need to think about other things and change your mindset. I’ll share my experience on how to move to a new level ”

image Konstantin Zamurenko from Skyeng about the fact that design is not an engineering specialty
“ I’ll tell you about my attitude to the conflict between the engineering and humanitarian parts of the profession. And how it interferes with making healthy and emotional foods. ”

About Media

Presenting information as simple, interesting and clear as possible is hard work. The guys will tell you how to keep up with everything and completely come off.

image Anastasia Yarovaya from Meduza about new media formats
“I'll tell you about the launch of new formats in Medusa. How we invent them together with the editors, how we transfer them to development and test before launch, what mistakes we make in this case ”

image Stas Aki from Readymag on the dynamic landing page
“ Communication. Design process. The spirit of time. I’ll tell you about freedom in design and about a web page, like a movie, and a designer, as a director of user experience, where the user is endowed with the power to control the story ”

About Products

The purpose and meaning of the designer within the product. How not to be distracted by trifles and non-priority tasks, to stay in context and be useful.

image Ivan Vasiliev from Alfa-Bank on the design of digital products
“I will talk about the role of the designer in the product team, goal and method of achieving results. A working framework that allows us to achieve the main
- to benefit customers ”

image David Isakhanyan from Tinkoff about mobile bank redesign
“ I'll tell you about the separation of WEB and Mobile design teams. The reasons. Result. Design Tools On the interaction of designers with developers »

And again - that’s not all. Full program on the site . It is 100% ready with the exception of a pair of slots. We are waiting and will be happy to see you at CodeFest 2018 .