Elon Musk continues to convince the need to create a colony of people on Mars

The other day, entrepreneur and engineer Ilon Musk performed at the SXSW festival, where he talked about his future plans for the colonization of Mars and many other things. In addition, he discussed with other participants the problem of the possible destruction of humanity. The most likely reasons for this are an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the third world war, and the creation of a strong form of AI.

Musk said earlier that he believes that without a colony on another planet of the solar system, man is doomed. Now he has confirmed this opinion, saying that on Earth, mankind has a dark future - a war or something else, as mentioned above. “Most likely,“ new dark centuries ”await us, especially if the third world war happens,” Musk commented on the need to colonize Mars.

He emphasized that the colony would allow its inhabitants to be outside the zone of influence of earthly factors, which could lead to the death of human civilization. The colony, according to Mask's firm conviction, is something of a “backup of humanity” in case the main “storage”, that is, on Earth, humanity for one reason or another disappears.

All Mask companies are founded in order to serve a common goal - the creation of a colony on Mars. This is Tesla Inc., and SpaceX, and much more. The entrepreneur hopes that methods of saving humanity must be developed before the onset of a major threat. For some reason, he is very afraid of the capabilities of artificial intelligence and the fact that artificial intelligence (if we create it, of course) can do it. “AI is more dangerous than nuclear warheads. So why the relevant services hardly pay attention to this area, ”asks Elon Musk.

By the way, he made his first statement regarding the dangers of AI in 2014. Musk, however, reminded those present that instead of the AI ​​destroyer of mankind, other threats could be realized, for example, the same nuclear war. In this case, a colony to Mars can be sent as quickly as possible, otherwise the threat to humanity is becoming more and more serious.

Musk also repeated his words regarding artificial intelligence: “The biggest problem that I see is that the so-called AI experts believe that they can cope with artificial intelligence. But they don’t even know how smart AI can be. And this is misleading people, few people even believe in a catastrophe due to AI. "

True, the gloomy paintings drawn by Mask should not be trusted too much. He is known for his penchant for saying “we all die”, providing all this with philosophical concepts, ethics, and other things. He believes that a strong form of AI is about to be invented. “And it terrifies me,” says Musk. In order not only to be afraid, but also to do something, the entrepreneur founded the new company Neuralink. In his opinion, the company's specialists will be able to repulse the threat if it appears. “Neuralink will try to help by creating a broad channel of quick communication between AI and the human brain,” Musk said.

In addition to mortal dangers, Musk also spoke about autonomous cars. According to him, they are 200% safer than the safest cars in the world, driven by people.

But perhaps Musk’s most interesting promise is the promise to launch BFR this fall. Maybe this is just PR, but most likely, Elon Musk will still follow his plan.

The main project to which Elon Musk devotes a lot of time is the Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) and the colonization of Mars.

ITS should work as follows: a rocket puts a spaceship in orbit and returns to Earth. Already there, in space, the ship is refueling, it opens the solar panels and goes to Mars. Thanks to this, Musk hopes to make the system reliable and not insanely expensive. In all this, BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) plays a very important role. As for the colonization of Mars, initially satellites will be launched there, which will help to thoroughly study the surface of the planet, so that it is clear where to plant the colonists. And then spaceships and, possibly, people will follow.